Provides voice access for mobile-based accounting.

Instrument Access is a login function that helps users who have difficulty adjusting the touch screen (for example, due to paralysis, tremors, or temporary damage) use the device to use voice.


See Voice Assistance for help using voice observations.

Voice Access offers voice commands in three categories:

– Basics and navigation from each page (for example, “Back home”, “Home”)

– Actions to display items on the current page (for example, “double click”, “scroll down”)

– Adjust text and syllables (such as “hello”, “replacing coffee with tea”)

You can say, “What can I say?” In voice access. You can also see the full list of voice commands by going to the audio access settings and selecting “Show all commands”.

 Steps to activate the warning tool:

1. Go to Settings> Login

2. Select “Audio Access”

3. Turn on the switch

4. Complete the tutorial to learn how to use the access feature

In this tutorial, it introduces the most common voice commands (start voice access, click, navigate, edit original text, and access to “What can I say?”).

Note that the handsfree interaction is required to enable “Ok Google” on each page. Then say “Ok Google” every time you want to start listening to Sound Access. You may be able to get voice access by saying “Ok Google” to update your Google app. (If you don’t want to enable “Ok Google” from any screen, or if your device isn’t supported, the blue button on the screen will appear. You can click on this button to show that you want to get started. ) You can also press, hold, drag, and move this button to another location on your page.)

To stop voice access, just say, “Stop listening.” To completely disable the audio console, go to Settings> Accessibility> Audio Access and turn off.

 Note permissions

Microphone: Access audio uses the microphone to allow you to voice commands.

Phone: Voice recognition controls the phone mode to be activated during a phone call.

Access to Services: Because this app is a live action, you can track your actions, retrieve window content, and write down the text you enter.

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