Month: February 2021

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face

Copy and run multiple accounts from the same app simultaneously and use themes to design your own unique space.

As one of the best tools on Android, Parallel Space helps over 90 million users log into multiple accounts at the same time on one device and show their own style. It also protects user privacy by making apps invisible on the device with the incognito install feature. Additionally, users can customize themes for their cloned applications and Parallel Space themes to design their own space.


Parallel Space supports 24 languages ​​and is compatible with most Android applications. Get Parallel Space instantly to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy, and customize your own space.

★ Login to multiple social media apps or game app accounts at the same time on one device
• Balance between life and work of users with ease.
• Double the users’ online gaming experience and have more fun.
Almost all applications are compatible with a second account in Parallel Space. The data from both accounts will not interfere with each other.

★ Protect user privacy, make apps invisible on device by installing incognito
• Hide secret applications from users without worrying about prying eyes by keeping applications only in a secret space.
• Protect user privacy with a security lock.

★ Create a personalized space applying themes
• The theme store has been integrated into Parallel Space and a list of custom themes is ready for users to apply to design their own space.
• Design a unique space by personalized theme. User can quickly switch between different themes with one click according to his mood.

★ Quick switch between accounts with one click
• Run two accounts simultaneously and quickly switch between them with one click to effectively manage different accounts.

• Powerful, stable and easy to use.
Unique: Parallel Space is built on MultiDroid, the first virtual application engine on Android.

Permissions: Parallel Space needs to request the permissions that applications added in Parallel Space require to function normally. For example, if Parallel Space can’t get your location, you won’t be able to send your location to your friends in some of the applications that run on Parallel Space. Parallel Space does not collect your personal information to protect privacy.
Consumption: Parallel Space itself does not consume a lot of memory, battery and data that the applications running inside it actually consume. Details can be found under ‘Storage’ and ‘Task Manager’, which can be found under ‘Settings’ under Parallel Space.
• Notifications: Please add Parallel Space to the whitelist or exceptional list of some ‘boost apps’ to make sure the notification of some social media apps works well.
Conflict: You cannot operate two accounts for some social media applications using the same mobile phone number. You must use a different mobile phone number to run your second account for these applications in Parallel Space and make sure the mobile phone number is active during the first login because there will be a verification message that will be sent to this number.

For any urgent matter, call the official WhatsApp: +86 18201691197. Please note that the hotline service is not supported at this time.

For any issues, feel free to contact us via the “Feedback” function within Parallel Space or email us at: [email protected]

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“Bulk Rename & Group

Yangi xususiyatlar:
Sozlamalar – Qayta tiklash / Nomini o’zgartirgandan keyin nomini o’zgartirish parametrlarini tiklamang.
Belgilangan joyga belgi qo’shing – oxiridan hisoblang.

Sozlamalar Ekranni qayta loyihalash.
Ikki nusxadagi faylni tekshirish va tasdiqlash ochiladi.
Brauzerni saralash tanlangan fayllarni ham saralaydi.
Xatoliklar tuzatildi:
Qidiruv dialogli dam olish.
Regex Crash-ni o’chirib tashlang
Buzilish holatida o’chirish.

Computer launcher apk download

Give your mobile home screen a new look with Computer Launcher

Are you looking for the desktop computer style Computer Launcher on your Android? Check this computer style launcher available for your Android (TM) smart phones. Surprise your friends with new look style of your Android.

Desktop Computer Launcher Design:

Computer Launcher is here for you (Inspired by Windows 10®). Customize your phone with unique look and feel of the fastest launcher. Amaze your loved one with computer look of your Android and also share it with your loved ones.




– Start Menu

– Best application are available on One Click – Create Shortcuts of most used application on Desktop by press and Hold Feature.

– Easy Navigation to the Apps

– Built-In support of File Explorer in Computer Launcher

– Create Folders, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share etc.

– Listing of all of your drives, SD Card, Storage, audio and video files and pictures in PC style.

– Taskbar

– put the files to Recycle Bin and delete later

– Built-in ZIP support allows you to decompress or extract ZIP/RAR files

– Action Center. Notifier Center: Like the computer also has a action center bar. You can check the notice of application or system with Notification Center.

– Multi page home screen

– Desktop Widgets

– Drag and drop Improved

– Clock Widget

– Weather Widget

– RAM info widget

– Changeable desktop folders

– Live Wallpapers

– Photo tiles changeable

– Task-bar icons removable

– Desktop App Folders

– Weather, Calendar and Photos tiles Added

– Task-bar Transparency option added

– Improved Themes Compatibility

– Multi Tasking Made optional (enable /disable from settings)

– Lock Screen

– Multi Color Support for Task bar and menu

– Themes and Icon Pack – Android TV /Tablet support

– Hide Applications

– Built-In Gallery Feature added

– Photo Tile changeable

– Widgets in desktop mode

– Built in apps (Photo viewer)


Game Mode – Block Notifications during Game Play

Call blocker can reject unwanted calls automatically. If you’ve been disturbed by unwanted calls from a salesperson, or if you want to decline calls from anyone, you can add the number to the blacklist and let Call Blocker do the work. This app is light and stable, and it costs ver

y little memory and CPU resources.؛

The qualities:
1. Blacklist, add numbers to blacklist to block it
2. In the whitelist, add the numbers that you do not need to block in the whitelist
3. Records of rejected numbers
4. Blocking modes:
* Block blacklist
* Allow whitelist (block non-whitelist calls)
* Unknown blocking (blocking calls that are not in contacts)
* Block all calls
5. It’s free!


Notification anouncer by voice apk download

Read incoming call, SMS, and notifications from all kind of apps

ByVoice reads incoming calls, text messages and notifications from apps (such as Kakao Talk, Line, Twitter, Facebook, Watts app, Instagram, etc.) out by voice.

– You do not have to do dangerous things like turn your head and look at the phone to check your text messages while driving.

– If you are wearing an earphone while studying at the library, you can find out notifications even if you do not check your mobile phone.

– Even when you are cooking in the kitchen, you can recognize what the notification sound of the phone in living room means.

– Now , even in exercise, you can check the contents of your Whatsapp or Facebook messenger from your friends without having to touch your phone with hands wet with sweat anymore.

By using the rich options provided by ByVoice, you can freely set when to read alerts that are right for you.

– You can decide whether to or not to read notifications based on the connection status of various peripherals (such as earphones or Bluetooth headsets).

– If you are connected to multiple Bluetooth devices, you can set the priority of them so that you can automatically select which device will play voice.

– Because ByVoice allows you to set to read notifications only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi in a specific location, so you can set not to read notifications when Wi-Fi in your office is connected. And you can set to read notifications when Wi-Fi in your home is connected.

– You can set not to read notifications when a specific schedule of phone’s calendar is in progress, so you can set not to read notifications during a meeting or while studying.

– You can set not to read notifications only when the screen of the phone is off, or not to read notifications when you play a game in landscape mode.

– You can set notifications to be read only when the navigation app is running.

– You can set not to read notifications when you are using YouTube or Music apps.

– You can set not to read notifications from apps you’re currently using.

– You can choose not to read notifications at certain times.

– If you suddenly hear a notification reading voice at a place or time that you do not want, you can make it stop by flipping your phone.

– You can choose not to read notifications that contain unwanted words, and you can set a word to be replaced with another word.

– I the performance of your phone is a little slower, you can set it to read notifications after a few seconds delay, and you can set it to read notifications at intervals of a few seconds.

– Because it supports the TASKER plugin, if you are using the TASKER app, you can set up more flexible notification timing.

Now you can listen to the notifications that ByVoice reads, like music, without having to touch the phone to check your notifications.


Share Trend app: Share Trend apk for android

Share Trend is the newest party for short funny videos

You can find the most exciting, funny, magic videos on Share Trend

Feature of Share Trend

Full Screen Video Status is India’s No.1 Full Screen Video Status App to watch, download, and Share interesting WhatsApp status video!

Share Trend app: Share Trend apk for android

All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you.

Want to make amazing videos and share your feelings on WhatsApp status video? Try Share Trend – snack video funny video app, we have everything you need: unlimited amazing video themes with amazing effects and fantastic filters! To use, simply choose a theme, upload your photos, add music and that’s it, now just share! Download and surprise your friends right now! Share Trend – best video maker for whatsapp.

Watch all types of funny videos, including prank, comedy, entertainment, news, pets,games etc. Just scroll away and find what you like in SnackVideo.

Get Discovered on Snack’s Trending Page in Share Trend

Share Trend’s trending page was developed to make sure that content liked best by users is seen by everyone.

you can download unlimited video status view them in app itself and share it with your friends using snake video.

Hindi Video Status allows you to update your Social Account status according to your choice.

Download Share Trend now and make blockbuster snackvideos, attract a lot of followers, pick interesting content and make friends with those who like you!


WABox – Toolkit For WhatsApp

WABox is a complete toolkit for WhatsApp that gives you all the cool features needed in the year 2021. From Status Saver for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web Scanner to some advanced features like WhatsDeleted, which shows deleted WhatsApp messages and media, transparent WhatsApp , Live Chat and WABox packed in the best good stuff.

The application comes with an impressive and user-friendly interface built according to the latest trends. Here is a complete list of the features that WABox offers:

WhatsDeleted – Show deleted WhatsApp messages and photos when sender is deleted for everyone.

WhatsApp Web Scanner: Scan WhatsApp Web QR Code within the app directly to enjoy WA web services.

Status Saver for WhatsApp Video / Pictures – You can easily download WhatsApp status images or videos with WABox.

Language Support: Support for Arabic (ar), Portuguese (pt), German (de), and Spanish (es) languages.

Walk and chat: an interesting feature that takes advantage of the phone’s camera to make the WhatsApp chat background transparent and with less opacity.

WhatsApp Cleaner 2021 – Save a lot of space by cleaning photos, videos, documents and cache sent from WhatsApp.

Chat & Fake Call – A fun tool to create a fake WhatsApp conversation or call.

Text Repeater Pro: repeat any text up to 10,000 times with this feature.

ASCII Text Art Generator for WhatsApp – Provides a lot of ASCII faces ¯ \\\ _ (ツ) \ _ / in happy, angry and other categories.

Live chat: start a conversation or message to numbers not saved in WhatsApp.

Text to emoji converter: You can easily convert any word or text written into emoji.

Shake to open WhatsApp – Quick shortcut to direct you to the WhatsApp home screen from anywhere on the phone.

Gallery – A gallery dedicated to keeping all your WhatsApp media in one place.


Repair System Android Apk download

Repair System Android Fix Operating System Problems Quick Fix Android Problems

New booster and junk cleaner for your device!

Download⬇️Repair System Android Fix Operating System Problems Quick Fix Android Problems for your phone, this app will fix many issues you may have like apps crashing and app has stopped working by checking your entire system and fix any problems, it so you can have a stable system and fast, also check your memory RAM, scan for bugs, it will boost your RAM and cleaner,

actually, repair system – speed booster (fix problems android) Top features:


✅Phone boost & memory ram boost

✅Ram cleaner (RAM) close unused apps and tasks

✅Cache cleaner & junk cleaner to help you give more storage space.

✅Optimize memory space and make phone faster by clearing Ram.

✅Identify and remove junks, APK, and residual files

✅By killing apps draining battery when not in use.

✅ CPU Cooler to help keep your phone temperature.


Just download⬇a super new booster for your phone, 📲 speed up its work ⚡️and you can keep your gadget working for many years☑️You don’t have to constantly spend money on phone repairs or spare and save for a new one. As you can independently correct mistakes and control the health of your gadget. With this clean master you can not be afraid that your phone will stop working 📱

if your phone starts to work slowly, then most likely the problem is the lack of free space in the gadget’s memory. 📁 This problem, like many others, can be solved by this junk cleaner. It is also one of the newest applications, therefore it includes not only all the possible functions, but also has a very convenient and simple menu and settings.⚙️


Fixing the problems of your phone and guaranteeing its excellent efficiency has never been so easy. Indeed, many errors in the phone happen simply because of a lack of memory or because of virus files.😱 And due to the small amount of memory the phone’s battery also suffers, why do you need to change the gadget every year, if you can just download the application and fix all the errors every two or three weeks⁉️🤩


Clean master for Android takes up little space, but contains a lot of useful features.🗒 For example, it can clear cache on your phone, clean off RAM. You can also view old media 🏞 and video 🎥 files, leave the necessary ones and delete all duplicates or unnecessary ones and this way do memory cleaning.🧠


With the help of the booster you can purge applications that are not really used, delete cache from them and make optimization of other apps. By the way, the data of remote applications stored in the cache and greatly inhibit the operation of the gadget.♻️


As well as a nice bonus in the accelerator application there is a function to control the phone’s battery, if your phone has been working and overheated for a long time, 🌡 using this function you can cool the battery a little and optimize its performance. 🛠This way you will maintain good battery condition for a long time, because the battery is one of the most important parts of the phone❕


Fort Intro Maker for YouTube – make Fortnite intro

Best app to create cool video introductions for your Fortnite Youtube channel.
This app provides free HD Fortnite intro templates so you can create awesome video introductions, making your video stand out on YouTube. Also, these templates are customizable and you can add text, stickers and music to design your own introduction.

The qualities:
– HD customizable templates to choose from
– Write your own text with various fonts and colors
More than 120 unique stickers to choose from and add your photo as stickers
– 200+ music and sound effects to make your introduction more cool

– Disclaimer –
This is an unofficial app for Fortnite players. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Fortnite, Epic Games, or any of their partners. All the credit goes to the Fortnite developers and designers. All game descriptions, sites and images are owned by their respective owners. Use this guide within guidelines for fair use.


Name on nackles apk download

A perfect app to make your name on necklace and change name style and color.

If you are looking for free and perfect text editor and stylish names generating app? You must try Name On Necklace – Name Art app.

Name On Necklace – Name Art app is the best and perfect choice to write your name of baby boy, baby girl or boyfriend and girlfriend with stylish look on necklace , Name On Necklace – Name Art is text editor free for write your name and nickname on necklace.

Now you can write your name, nickname with fantasy, unique and stylish on awesome collection of necklaces,photo frames and photo backgrounds. Write your lover name on your hand and color it so that its look likes a Latest mehndi design.


Here are some great Pro Features :-

– 70+ HD and awesome photos from necklaces.

– Make your stylish name with unique stylish fonts with English keyboard.

– Decorate your text with Custom color to make it more fancy and stylish.

– Write your name, status, Quotes, greetings and plenty of stylish stuff.

– You can edit your text, name, nickname, lover name.

– Save your best stylish name with lovely background frame in your Smart phone storage.

– Share your stylish name with awesome frame to your friends and family using social media or social network.


Pi Network apk

Have you always wanted to know by heart the decimal expansion of pi or any other real number? This simple and powerful application helps you memorize hundreds of numbers in no time. It features, among other things, a timer mode to improve high scores for you and your friends and a fully customizable keyboard.

Just remember that knowing the first thirty digits of pi is enough to accurately calculate the volume of the observable universe the size of a hydrogen atom. So who needs to know more numbers? your course!

The application includes the following numbers by default:
– I;
– Tao
– Euler number;
– square root of two;
– The golden ratio φ.
You can also add your own numbers. If you have any suggestions on which numbers to include by default, feel free to let me know.

There are several training modes available.
– Exercise mode allows you to type the number and warn you when you are wrong and shows the total number of mistakes made. You can change the starting position to focus on a specific part of the number.
– Reference mode displays all digits of the specified number. Add spaces at regular intervals to visually organize the number or specify the number of digits on each line.
– Full mode shows you some numbers and asks you to type the numbers that follow.
– Time mode allows you to type numbers from the beginning of the number and measure the time until the first error. Find out how many numbers you have written per minute and improve your achievements on the High Scores page.

The app includes an optional in-app keyboard as the Android number pad has a different layout than the calculator you might use. The key layout, width and height can be adjusted to perfectly suit your needs.

Thanks to Julien Freslon for translating the app into French! If you want to translate the app into your language, please let me know by sending an email.

If you have any feature requests or want to report a bug please let me know. You can email me at [email protected]


“Diamond Live Wallpaper & Animated Keyboard”

Mft * Bepul mavzu – Android uchun jonli fon rasmlari va klaviatura 💥 *

💥 Chiroyli animatsion tema dizayni + Emoji

🙌 Diamond Live Wallpaper va Animated Keyboard – bu ajoyib grafikalarni chiroyli animatsiyalar bilan birlashtirgan eng ajoyib mavzu. Ajablanarlisi grafikalar va ajoyib animatsiyadan zavqlaning. Bu BEPUL va o’rnatish oson. 🙌

💥 Ajoyib qo’ng’iroq ekrani animatsiyalari

📲 Qo’ng’iroqdan keyingi ekranni sozlash uchun chiroyli, dinamik va zamonaviy qo’ng’iroq qiluvchi ekranining mavzulari

👇 Klaviatura mavzusini faollashtirish uchun quyidagi ko’rsatmalarga amal qiling:
– Diamond Live Wallpaper & Animated Keyboard-ni o’rnating;
– ochiq dastur;
– “Klaviaturani qo’llash” tugmasini bosing. Siz mavzu menejeriga yo’naltirilasiz va mavzu qo’llaniladi;
– Agar sizda to’lqinli klaviatura mavjud bo’lmasa, bizning dasturimiz sizni qayta yo’naltiradi va o’rnatish jarayonida sizga ko’rsatma beradi;

Wallpaper Fon rasmi mavzusini faollashtirish uchun quyidagi ko’rsatmalarga amal qiling:
– Diamond Live Wallpaper & Animated Keyboard-ni o’rnating;
– ochiq dastur;
– “Fon rasmini qo’llash” tugmasini bosing. Keyingi ekranda siz “Yuklab olish” ga, so’ng “Ilova” tugmachasiga ega bo’lasiz => mavzu qo’llaniladi;

💥 Ajoyib xususiyatlar

– Klaviatura va telefoningiz fonida HD noyob grafikalar;
– maxsus klaviatura va devor qog’ozi;
– maxfiylik – biz yozish harakatlaringizni kuzatmaymiz yoki saqlamaymiz;
– Batareya quvvati uchun optimallashtirilgan

💥 Sizning fikr-mulohazalaringiz yuqori baholanadi va kelajakda yanada yaxshi mavzular yaratish qobiliyatimizni oshirishga yordam beradi. 💥