Month: August 2021

Photo Background Changer: Auto Remove Background

Thanks to Photo Background Changer: Deleting the background, deleting the background and changing it to the best is easier than ever 🙂 With this amazing photo background changer and eraser, you can now do magic And remove unwanted objects or backgrounds. With one touch in seconds 🙂 This exciting automatic background changer app automatically detects photo backgrounds of objects and people and removes them for you in one touch. 🙂 Choose your photo background with brush and cleaning tools in this fun background changer 🙂 This awesome photo changer and photo eraser will add to your fun as never before thanks to this great Cleaner B features Did not happen 🙂

Would you like to take an interesting selfie near the beach, the ocean, the beach, the desert or the sky? 🙂 With this awesome photo background changer and photo eraser, it’s easy to take anywhere you want, even with a simple selfie taken in your room. 🙂 Mobile device 🙂

Adjust any person or thing you want to add or remove in Auto Selection so you can customize it to your liking 🙂 Now you can add or remove any extra thing or person in the image and if desired So you can export it, or add a foreign magic background. In our library 🙂 Thanks to this photo converter you can put a beautiful or interesting nature in your photo 🙂

Amazing features of Image Background Changer: Automatic background removal, clearing, changing 🙂

With this legendary BG changer Magic Auto B feature, you can automatically cut people and things instantly from the background 🙂

– With an interesting cleaner you can also manually change selected areas with a brush and eraser tool if you want to optimize auto-selection 🙂

Now it’s time to apply any legendary background from our BG library to get your taste with this great cleaner 🙂

Copy and edit your image without deleting all people and things, clean and change wherever and whenever you want with this magic auto cleaner 🙂

Thanks to this background changer and eraser app, staying in holiday mode is just as easy right away from your own home or office 🙂 You can impress your audience with your selfie with the epic BG and share it on social media. You can share on 🙂 Or you can change your selfie whenever you want and have fun with your family and friends 🙂

Larry Bird Studios is proud to offer you this amazing background changer and cleaner that will give you more fun and make great selfies. Talk, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest 🙂 Changing your photo background and removing unwanted objects or people has never been so easy with this photo changer and photo eraser 🙂 this amazing photo changer and eraser Thanks, now it is. Family magical touch can impress your family, friends and followers 🙂


“Play Lite”

Tiny light full screen / floating video player for YouTube. No ads, Adfrey!

An easy, simple and lightweight video player for playing any YouTube video quickly in Full Screen or Floating window mode. Just browse with the built-in YouTube browser, click to select a video to watch and view it immediately in full screen or a small movable window that floats above other apps.

It supports YouTube Playlists. You can also create a quick custom playlist with your favorite videos in the app.

The player is light (less than 1MB) and does not require any device permissions. It’s ad-free (no ads) except for any ads shown as part of the YouTube video. If you require total ad-free experience go for YouTube apps monthly subscription plan.

The app supports older phones and OS version. If you intend to use it on a slow 2G, 3G or 4G mobile connection, easily switch to a lower resolution. A low quality setting can also save a lot of data bandwidth, when you are more interested in listening to the music / audio.

While it can work standalone, Play Lite is not intended as a full replacement or alternative for the default Google YouTube app. It just provides a quicker way to play the videos if you don’t want to go into the video details and comments. However, it does provide some additional functionality such as float play and loop play over the normal YouTube app. It does not support background play with screen off. Use the minimized floating window option instead to multi-task while listening to music or podcasts.

All videos are provided by YouTube and the app does not have any content of its own. If you have issues playing any video or need more video details easily switch to the official YouTube app anytime with just one click.

NOTE: The free version has a daily limit of one hour playback in floating window mode. There are no limits on Preview and Full-screen modes. In free version, only one playlist with up to 5 videos is possible. There are no limits, however, on YouTube Playlists. To create more unlimited playlists and unrestricted floating window playback, go for a one-time Pro upgrade from within the app


Clap to find my phone Apk download

Clap your hands and always find your lost device in this clap to find app.

Clap To Find My Phone is a free app that enables you to find your device by clapping. This app is very useful when you forget where you placed your phone. It also offers other features like a flashlight on call, flash alert on app notification, flashlight on SMS, caller name talker, SMS speaker, battery level alert as well as call block and PIN protection features. The Don’t Touch feature allows you to inform when somebody touches your phone. This phone finder app permits you to set different notification tones, volumes for either feature. All the features are introduced in this smart app.

Features of this app:

# Find lost phone only by clapping

# Select any ring to find your phone

# Flashlight Strobe/ Signal with more settings options

# Set battery level for flash notification

# Time settings for DND modes

# Caller name talker system

# Speaks all your SMS content loudly

# Set pitch of speech sound

# More Security settings for phone protection

How to use Clap To Find My Phone app?

Don’t confuse about how to find my phone. We already provided total procedure in Information tag under the “Clap to Find” section. Here it is:

1. Click on the “Find My Phone” button to enable this feature.

2. Enable the toggle button. Now you are able to use this feature.

3. You can adjust the sound frequency, notification and flash blink speed in “Setting”

4. ”Select Tone” to set your desired tone.

5. Frequency/Sensitivity is based on surrounding to detect your phone that you can set from 1 to 10.

6. You can set the flash on/off or set interval timing to vary from 50 to 1500 ms.

Other high-end features of Clap To Find My Phone app:

If you couldn’t find your phone and you are thinking where is my phone then you can use this app. The app contains three main features that described below:

Clap To Find:

This section includes the settings for finding your phone by clapping. It has four sub-tags: Find my phone, Select Tone, Setting, and Information. Find my Phone allowing you to enable or disable the feature and its settings. In the second one, you can select the alert ringtone. Three tones are available there by default or you can choose from your storage from the button placed below “Select Tone From Phone”


Well, the settings section is another tag for other features of this app. In this section, you can find similar elements classified as below:

If you want flash when an incoming call or message, then you can enable the first option Flash Alert. This option covers two toggles for call and SMS. You can change its setting from the button from the top-right corner. The setting includes flash mode, notification setting, flash count, blinking speed and DND mode settings. The preview button is also available below.

The second option in the Clap To Find My Phone app is Call Block, which contains call blocking features. You can add any number or choose from your contact list. The add entry button is placed at the top-right corner.

The third option is Caller Name announcer, this feature speaks the person’s name who is calling you or SMS you. You can set prefix and suffix as well as SMS settings and speech speed.

The Charger Detection and Battery Alerts are quite identical. You can set the tone when your phone connects or disconnects with the charger. It alerts when the battery level goes down by a selected percentage. It also allows you to protect your phone with a PIN security system. Here, though by default police siren tone is set, you can set your favorite tone from your phone by tapping the “Select Tone From Phone” button. You can secure your phone by setting a 4 digit PIN.

Don’t Touch

If you want to get an alarm when somebody touches your phone, you can use the “Don’t Touch” feature. This attribute includes flash setting, tone selection, PIN security system and volume setting.

Download Clap To Find My Phone free app and give your reviews and ratings.


“1000-in-1 GameBox Free”

Kpọọ egwuregwu 1000+ n’efu n’ime igbe!

Nabata na GameBox anyị nke 1000-in-1! Anyị na -anakọta gị ihe karịrị 1000+ egwuregwu n’ime igbe egwuregwu anyị! Ha niile n’efu! Egwuregwu niile adịghị mkpa ịwụnye ọzọ!
1000-in-1 GameBox bụ ngwa egwuregwu etiti na-enye gị nnukwu egwuregwu egwuregwu ịntanetị n’efu na ụdị dị iche iche gụnyere arcade, egwu, ịgba ọsọ, egwuregwu, 3D, ime ihe, njem, oge gboo, egwuregwu mgbagwoju anya, onye na-agba ọsọ na-adịghị agwụ agwụ, ụgbọ ala, ịgba égbè. na karịa 40+ edemede.

-1000-in-1 GameBox efu
Egwuregwu +1000 + niile n’otu ngwa.
Ọ dịghị mkpa ka ibudata wụnye ma ọlị.
Language asụsụ 10 n’ime ya.
Egwuregwu EwNew kwa ụbọchị.
Egwuregwu AgMagic nwere eserese-enyi-enyi.
Ị nwere ike igwu egwuregwu dị iche iche dị iche iche site na otu ngwa.
Nc gụnyere egwuregwu arcade ochie, egwuregwu mgbagwoju anya, egwuregwu egwuregwu na ụdị 40+.
A na -emepe egwuregwu ndị ọzọ.
Ị nwere ike họrọ ihe ọ bụla ịchọrọ n’ọtụtụ egwuregwu
Kwado ma mobiles na mbadamba.
Performance arụmọrụ egwuregwu ka mma.
Ọ bụ 100% n’efu yana nchekwa! Egwuregwu niile n’efu!
Chọọ egwuregwu ndị ị chọrọ site na otu ma ọ bụ aha.
Ihe na -erughị 1MB! Echegbula onwe gị maka oke ebe nchekwa ekwentị!

LlAnyị egwuregwu niile kacha atọ ụtọ na nke kachasị ọhụrụ dị ebe a. Kpọọ egwuregwu kacha atọ ụtọ ma chọpụta egwuregwu mkpanaka ọhụrụ kwa ụbọchị!

Ọ ga -amasị anyị ịnụ nzaghachi gị gbasara ngwa anyị ma ghe oghe maka ntụnye, mkpesa ahụhụ na arịrịọ atụmatụ.
SerUser anyị nọ ebe a iji nye egwuregwu egwuregwu ịntanetị n’efu maka otu mmadụ niile nwoke na nwanyị. Ị chọrọ Kpọọ egwuregwu efu n’ịntanetị “Egwuregwu GameBox 1000-na-1 n’ime ngwa” dị njikere maka gị.

“Apk To SD card”

Allows you to copy your apps to SD card without root. Size only 0.4 MB

With this application you can copy the apps you have installed on your phone to your sd card and then can share or have a backup.

You do not need a rooted phone.
You can find in Play store other applications that do the same but the advantage of this is that only takes up 0,4 Mb.
The apps will be stored in the “copiaApk” directory of the sd card from your mobile.

Pure Tuber – Block Ads for Video, Free Premium

Tired of wasting time on annoying ads that can’t be given up?
Welcome to the ad-free era with all video ads blocking and popups closing automatically!
Install Pure Tuber to skip ads for videos, enjoy easy play in the background and play pop-up games!

Pure Tuber is an ad blocker to enjoy free premium and block all ADs while watching Tub video.
Install now

Activities in detail.

Ad Blocker – Turn off video ads.
– Block ads for video, collect millions of ad-free videos with the free premium AI engine, provide you a seamless viewing experience
– AdGuard video player, so you can enjoy ad-free experience while watching all YouTube videos.
Ad blocker for popups, this popup blocker also helps block popup ads. Enable Ad Blocker to remove any unwanted ads or annoying popups.
– Automatically drop ads, block ads, and filter all video ads with the built-in free ad blocker.

Background video player.
– Allows you to play videos in the background, so that when you leave NetTuber for Line, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. for other social media applications, video processing will continue.
– Use the scaling function to fit tube videos in a small adjustable and moving window in the corner of your screen. Now you can play your favorite game, check your email or do something else!

Floating video player.
– Allows you to play videos in floating popup mode.
– Play custom in either full screen or running popup window mode.

Solution up to 8K.
– Maximum resolution of active videos by default.
– Videos capable of playing with all solutions from 144p to 8K, enjoy the best user experience.

Turn off all video ads.
No need to install other plugins, such as MicroG, Manager.
Maximum resolution of active tube videos by default.
Floating popup play mode.
Background Player, save data and power.
Mark your favorite videos and music.

– Note
1. Pure Tube – Turn off ads for video, free premium is a third party tube API. Video content is from API services.
2. Adapts to the NetTuber API usage conditions.
3. Under YouTube’s terms of use, we are not allowed to show videos from YouTube with a screen lock, nor do we allow you to download songs.


“Google Translate

De wereld is dichterbij dan ooit met meer dan 100 talen

Tekstvertaling: vertaal tussen 108 talen door te typen
• Tik om te vertalen: kopieer tekst in een app en tik op het Google Translate-pictogram om te vertalen (alle talen)
• Offline: vertalen zonder internetverbinding (59 talen)
• Onmiddellijke cameravertaling: vertaal tekst in afbeeldingen direct door uw camera te richten (94 talen)
Foto’s: foto’s maken of importeren voor vertalingen van hogere kwaliteit (90 talen)

Gesprekken: vertaal tweetalige gesprekken in een handomdraai (70 talen)
• Handschrift: teken teksttekens in plaats van typen (96 talen)
Hrase-zinnenboek: geef een ster en sla vertaalde woorden en zinnen op voor toekomstig gebruik (alle talen)
• Synchronisatie tussen verschillende apparaten: log in om de taalgids te synchroniseren tussen app en desktop
Cribe Transcribe: Vertaal continu iemand die een andere taal spreekt in bijna realtime (8 talen)

Vertalingen tussen de volgende talen worden ondersteund:
Afrikaans, Albanees, Amhaars, Arabisch, Armeens, Azerbeidzjaans, Baskisch, Wit-Russisch, Bengaals, Bosnisch, Bulgaars, Catalaans, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinees (vereenvoudigd), Chinees (traditioneel), Corsicaans, Kroatisch, Tsjechisch, Deens, Nederlands, Engels, Esperanto, Ests, Filipijns, Fins, Frans, Fries, Galicisch, Georgisch, Duits, Grieks, Gujarati,

Haïtiaans Creools, Hausa, Hawaiiaans, Hebreeuws, Hindi, Hmong, Hongaars, IJslands, Igbo, Indonesisch, Iers, Italiaans, Japans, Javaans , Kannada, Kazachs, Khmer, Kinyarwanda, Koreaans, Koerdisch (Kurmanji), Kirgizisch, Lao, Latijn, Lets, Litouws, Luxemburgs, Macedonisch, Malagasi, Maleis, Malayalam, Maltees, Maori, Marathi, Mongools, Myanmar

(Birmaans), Nepalees , Noors, Odia (Oriya), Pashto, Perzisch, Pools, Portugees, Punjabi, Roemeens, Russisch, Samoaans, Schots-Gaelisch, Servisch, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slowaaks, Sloveens, Somalisch, Spaans, Soendanees, Swahili, Zweeds , Tadzjiekse, Tamil, Tataars, Telugu, Thais, Turks, Turkmeens, Oekraïens, Urdu, Oeigoers, Oezbeeks, Vietnamees Amees, Welsh, Xhosa, Jiddisch, Yoruba, Zulu

Machtigingen Kennisgeving
Google Translate kan toestemming vragen voor toegang tot de volgende functies:
• Microfoon voor spraakvertaling
• Camera voor het vertalen van tekst via de camera
• SMS voor het vertalen van tekstberichten
Intern Externe opslag voor het downloaden van offline vertaalgegevens
Accounts en inloggegevens voor aanmelden en synchroniseren op verschillende apparaten

“Touch Lock – Touch Screen Locker for Video Players”

Zaključajte ekran osetljiv na dodir dok gledate video ili slušate muziku dok je ekran isključen

Zaključavanje dodirom – Onemogućite dodirni ekran i sakrijte dugmad, dok je bilo koji video plejer vidljiv i reprodukuje se. Kada vi ili vaše dijete gledate video zapise, zaključava ekran i sprječava dodir navigacijskih tipki, tako da ostajete zaključani unutar usluge streaminga videozapisa.

Zaključavanje djece za video zapise – blokirajte tipke za dodir i zaključavanje ekrana dok vi ili vaše dijete sada možete bez problema gledati bilo koji video player.

Slušajte besplatnu muziku sa isključenim ekranom – pokrijte ekran i on će se zaista isključiti, tako da možete staviti telefon u džep i sigurno slušati muzičku listu za reprodukciju i uštedjeti bateriju od upotrebe ekrana.

Zaključava sve dodire dok gledate videozapise u bilo kojem video playeru.
✓ Slušajte muziku sa isključenim ekranom i uštedite bateriju dok svirate svoju omiljenu listu pesama. (Isključivanje ekrana je podrazumevano onemogućeno, pa ga omogućite u postavkama zaključavanja dodirom)
Lo Baby Lock – pokrenite zabavno dijete za video zapise ili aplikaciju za malu djecu i zaključajte telefon nevidljivim zaključavanjem na dodir
✓ Automatski prikazuje plutajuću ikonu brave preko video playera, tako da možete lako zaključati unos dodirom
✓ Otključajte otiskom prsta ili uzorkom

✓ Neka ekran ostane uključen dok je zaključavanje dodirom omogućeno
Ke Shake telefon za zaključavanje dodira i otključavanja (premium funkcija)


“Story Bit | Story Art Maker”

Instagram Story Art Maker, Cover Cover Maker se šablonami a ig Story Editor

Story Bit dělá úpravy stavů a ​​příběhů videa úžasně zábavné (a jednoduché). Vytvořte úžasný tvůrce video koláží – i když nejste odborník na design!

Vytvořte příběh pomocí šablon s hudbou pro jakoukoli sociální platformu. StoryBit umožňuje vytvářet animovaný stav, koláž příběhů se stylovými fonty a zvuky. Natáhněte jeden prst a přizpůsobte si své úžasné příběhy Insta a příspěvek na Instagram právě teď!
StoryBit nabízí jednoduché a stylové šablony, které lze snadno upravovat a stahovat nyní, aby byl váš příběh jedinečný a kreativní.

Zdůrazněte zdroje:
★ Více než 1000+ přizpůsobitelných šablon animovaných instagramů. Zkuste být insta story artist!
★ Stačí vybrat několik obrázků, můžete si vybrat šablonu, která se vám nejvíce líbí. Během několika sekund můžete vytvořit ohromující příběh.
Různé styly kategorií, včetně štětce, lásky, filmů, výprodejů, fotorámečků atd.
Další animované šablony příběhů a příspěvků jsou přidávány každý týden.!
★ příběh získává perfektní velikost, takže jej můžete nahrávat na IG bez obav z problému s velikostí a bez nutnosti ořezávání nebo ořezávání obrázků.




Snadno sledovatelné návody:

Ose Vyberte si dobře navrženou animovanou šablonu příběhu Instagram.
• Importujte své obrázky a vylepšujte je pomocí filtrů ve stylu Instagramu.
Změňte texty pomocí přizpůsobených stylů.
• Sdílejte příběh ve vysokém rozlišení na Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp atd.

Podívejte se na video tutoriály v aplikaci, kde najdete pokyny, jak aplikaci používat


Není vyžadován žádný účet:
Stačí si stáhnout StoryBit Story Maker a začít snadno vytvářet příběhy insta nebo příběhy z koláží pro jiné platformy.

O našich oprávněních:
Photo Editor Pro žádá o oprávnění „READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE“ ke čtení vašich fotografií, abychom je mohli upravovat a ukládat. Toto oprávnění nepoužíváme k žádnému jinému úč










Sim Codes 2021 | Pakistan All Network Codes 2021

The important SIM / network codes are very important for every user to know about their SIM information. All SIM Codes 2021 | Pakistan SIM Codes 2021 includes all major codes of all Pakistan networks such as Telenor SIM all codes, Zong SIM all codes, Ufone SIM all codes, Jazz SIM all codes, Warid SIM all codes, and SCOM SIM all codes.

The SIM card code app 2021 Pakistan has the following key codes:
Check the SIM number.
Check balance.
Card recharge.
Sharing balance.
Check the remaining minutes.
SMS Check the remaining SMS.
MB Check the remaining MB.
Enable and disable suggestions.
P Find the PUK, PUK2, and PIN codes for each number.
WhatsApp Free WhatsApp.
Disable collar tones.

User friendly interface
Easy user access.
Find any code.
Share the code with friends.
WhatsApp code.
Telenor Passwords 2021 for Telenor customers
Zong Passcodes for Zong Users 2021.
Jazz Passwords for Jazz Users 2021.
Ufone Passwords for Ufone Users 2021
Import Passwords for Import Customers 2021
SCOM Secret Codes 2021 for SCOM customers.

leave out:
We collect all the codes from the website to help the codes to people all over Pakistan. Therefore, if you have any concerns, please contact us at our official email address:


Phone secret trick apk download

Mobile secret tricks 2021 to get most of your devices solution easily.

Discover ways to get most out of your Android device easily by everyone. Get the best hidden Mobile tricks with this app and also help you to increase knowledge. You will also able to learn a lot of things about your android phone that you never know before. All the tricks are explained step by step in phone tricks and tips app. Master your Android phone within minutes using this app and Any Mobile device support several secret codes. Brief description is in app.

Features of are:

East to use.

User friendly interface.

Take Screenshot.

Deleted Notification recovery.

Hard Factory Reset method.

Record Screen.

Control your Laptop.

Control your Android.

Not needed extra Special permission to install this app.

Unknown Facts.

Recover deleted Files.

Unlock Pattern guide if you have forgotten.

Wifi Hotspot connection guide.

Android Useful Tricks

Add Internet Speed Indicator

Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage On Android

Speed Up Android

Unlock device guide

Magical Tips and Tricks

Impress and share unlimited Tricks with friends

Free and offline

Note: This is a read only app and does not makes changes to your mobile device. Before performing any action be sure to have backup. It is safe and easy to use!

Stay connected with our Mobile Tricks and Tips app to get more details.


ClipClaps – Reward your interest

ClipClaps is the best video player in the world! Win prizes by playing games, watching videos and uploading your favorite video links!

Step 1:
Open up! Clip clip
Step 2:
Watch! Get the best videos and immerse yourself in your digital content!
Step 3:
Share! Upload content of your choice and become a megastar!
Step 4:
Enjoy! Experience an exciting game!
Step 5:
Repeat steps 2-4 until you know …

In clipboards, we have the hottest video content. Lose yourself in an unlimited book of exciting, entertaining videos from YouTube, while you reap the rewards for every second!

In the club club, your opinion is important! You can be the final judge who decides the fate of the next popular video. Be the beginning of a meme that will take him to the history books.

In Clips, you can create yourself to become a megastar! Upload your favorite content and get thousands of feedback instantly! Promote your audience to maximize your reward revenue!

ClipClaps is your perfect video content community. From makers to visitors, from ordinary to professional, you can start your journey with us here!

Welcome to Club Family.