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Code, pattern B, protected by fingerprint lock.

☞ Lock can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, SnapChat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Incoming Rings and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and maintain confidentiality. Ensure security.
The app lock can hide photos and videos. Hidden images and videos are missing from the gallery and can only be viewed in the Photos and Video Vault. Easily save personal notes. No pin, no way.
App Applock locks random keyboards and visible patterns. Don’t worry now people can check PIN or BA more secure!

With App Lock, you will:
Never worry about parents checking their snap chat, ticking!
Never worry about friends Lend your phone to play games with mobile phone!
Never worry about your coworker looking at your phone in the gallery.
Don’t worry about who reads the personal information in your requests!
Never worry about kids messing up clothes, sending the wrong messages, then paying for games!

— Frequently Asked Questions —
1) How to change password?
Unlock, save, unlock settings.

2) How to open the secret lock?
Please update to the latest version and then try the following four ways to unlock the secret app:
1. Gallery.
Open your gallery, select an image, click the share button. Search and click “Unlock”.
2. Widgets
Long press on the home screen, click on the widget. Find “Open Lock” and drag it to the home screen.
3. Dial pad.
Enter * # * # 12345 # * # * in your dial pad.
4. Browser.
Open each link in the browser:

3) How to stop these uninstall of AppLock?
Please enable Advanced Protection in App Lock, so that no one can install or kill the app without a password. You can disable advanced security when you don’t want to.

4) I forgot my password, how do I write it?
First update to the latest version. And then type the app lock icon, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the locktop, type ‘forget password’.
1. Security Answer: Enter the security answer, click ‘Reset Password’.
2. Security Email: Click ‘Send code to security email’, enter reset code, click ‘Reset Password’.

— Parts —
Lock apps with a password, b-pattern, or fingerprint lock.
Vault Vault: Hide photos and videos.
Well-designed themes.
• Cost Browser: No history record.
• Personal SNS: Log in to multiple accounts.
Atta Attacker Selfie: Take pictures of the attacker.
Custom background, choose a better image.
Custom Profiles: Organize related different app groups.
• Time Lock: Automatic lock / unlock on time.
• Location Lock: Auto Lock / Location Unlock.
Hide the app icon.
Advanced security: prevent the app from being killed by workaholics.
Random keyboard: prevent people from posting PIN codes.
The force stopped the coverage.
Lock switch (WiFi, Bluetooth, sync)
L App Lock Widget: Enable / Disable App Lock with one tap.
Quick Lock Switch: Lock / Unlock in the notification bar.
System lock system settings to prevent confusion by children.
Allow exit Shortcut: No password, no B-pattern, no fingerprint at specified time.
Prevent apps from uninstalling apps.
Low memory usage.
saving The state of saving electricity

AppLock uses the Device Manager permission.
To enable advanced security, please enable AppLock as “Device Manager”. It is only used to prevent logs from installing AppLock.
AppLock uses an access service.
To enable power saving mode, please allow access services. This service is only used for disabled users to open apps and reduce battery usage.

Please be assured that Applock will never use this permission to access your personal information.


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