Blue Light Filter for Eye Care

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Blue light filters for your eye care and protection! Blue light, also known as “high-energy visual light”, is emitted from the screen of your smartphone, which is said to cause eye fatigue, visual impairment and insomnia. Prolonged contact damages the retina of the eye.

This application, the blue light filter will adjust the color of the screen to reduce and turn off the blue light and relax your eyes, acting like a screen dimmer or screen filter, resulting in reduced eye fatigue, Decreased visual acuity.

** Blue R Light Filter Functions for Eye Care **

1. Filter / dimmer to keep your eyes open.
Turn on the filter to start protecting your eyes! Especially effective when you look at your smartphone screen too late and late at night.

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2. Different settings- 0 to 100 filter / dimmer power
– 6 different filters / dark colors to choose from.
– Set the phone bright and clear.
– Option to add status bar color or filter.

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Link of all apps

3. Very simple and efficient interface!
Turning on / off is just a tap from the app launch.

you can watch some of our more videos below


4. Automatic start.
Option to start the filter automatically when booted. Or /



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