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Sri Lanka’s best keyboard app for fast typing, has stickers, themes and much more.

New Age Bubble Keyboard for the best Sinhalese / Tamil typing experience in 2021 with stickers and GIFs, cool themes, updated fonts, and more.

– Bubble Keyboard for Sri Lanka is the best Sinhala / Tamil typing keyboard for Android with fast typing and funny stickers.

– Bubble’s Sinhala Typing Keyboard is the fastest and most advanced Sinhala typing keyboard for Android. You can change your text in Sinhala by typing Sinhala or by translating Bubble’s Sinhala keyboard from Singila to Sinhala Translator. It comes with a great Sinhala dictionary for smooth Sinhala for English translation.
– For easy Sinhala typing / Tamil typing, Bubble’s Sinhala typing keyboard also has a voice-to-text feature.
– Make WhatsApp stickers funny with your custom stickers for WhatsApp feature.
– Personalize your bubble Sinhala keyboard with free themes or custom themes with your pictures.
– Send emojis / emoticons using Bubble’s free emoji keyboard.

Typing Sinhala / Tamil on your device has never been so easy and interesting!

keyboard How to use this keyboard

– After installing Bubble Keyboard, open it from your apps.
– Enable and select Bubble Keyboard as your default keyboard.
– Customize settings and choose one of the amazing themes or create a custom theme.
– Start typing Sinhala / Tamil everywhere, on all social media apps and messaging platforms.
– Make your conversation interesting by using stickers and funny emojis / emoticons and funny GIFs.

★ Special offers

– Get exciting offers with Bubble Keyboard
– Attractive discounts and vouchers for our customers only.

Android Fast Sinhala Keyboard Free Download for Android Devices. Make it your default input method on your android device and this tool can be used in any application to write Sinhala / Sinhalese / Tamil.

. Features

– Switch between Sinhala and English / Tamil and English predictions by clicking the button to the left of the space bar.
– Send Big Moses from the Emoji panel with long pressures and conversations providing more fun.
– Add emojis / emoticons to your chats from the keyboard.
– Click the Funny Stickers icon in the Suggestions bar to open the Fun Stickers / GIFs / Emoji section.
– Change themes from the pack or create a custom theme.
– You can also easily use text related to voice text for Sinhala typing / Sinhala typing / Tamil typing.

★ Bubble Head

– Create custom WhatsApp stickers or stickers with other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by clicking on the selfie with the bubble head function or using your favorite headshot. Use these bubble heads to create custom stickers by adding them to fun sticker templates.
– Send custom Sinhala stickers with your face on them.
– Send text with funny stickers and funny GIFs with this keyboard.
– Download other sticker packs and GIF packs with Babel’s Sinhala keyboard.

★ Latest and stylish fonts

– Send text in various stylish fonts.
– Use the latest and stylish font text in emails or other social media platforms.

★ All in one Sinhala keyboard to meet all your needs from your keyboard and provide many different facilities.

. We respect your privacy
* No personal information or credit card details are collected. Android has a standard warning for all keyboards that you download.
* Anonymous statistics may be collected to enhance your experience in accordance with our privacy policy.
* We care about your privacy and security. We do not retrieve or store data stored in secure text fields containing items such as passwords, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, OTP, etc.

Sin is a free download with bubble’s Sinhala keyboard with free Sinhala stickers to make typing fast, smooth, reliable and never-ending fun.


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