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War commander game Apk download

War strategy game fully 3D with world PVP map. Conquer the battlefield

A immersive combat strategy game in a world of armies, tanks and warships, War Commander: Rogue Assault delivers a stunning, fully 3D battlefield experience. Command your army in real-time and conquer your enemies with the right attack strategy in this RTS tank war game.

Launch strategic strikes against your enemy for control of War Zones to lead your warships and tanks to victory on the battlefield. This RTS game with a PVP multiplayer open world challenges you to build an alliance of iron force. Launch rockets, command the tank war and push the siege of enemy territory to win the world war in real-time. As a rogue war commander it’s up to you to divide and conquer your foes and create a legend of war with the help of your air force.

As one of the few surviving commanders after World War 3, defend your base, customize your units and attack enemies to survive. Become the ultimate warrior in this online military strategy game by battling to gain control of the world with the help of nuclear bombs.

Rogue Assault is the most realistic military RTS game with armored vehicles, missile strikes and air force battles. With direct control of your tanks, helicopters and infantry, shoot your way through enemy hordes and become a master of combat tactics.

• Immersive 3D multiplayer military strategy game

• Individual or PVP RTS combat

• Real-time, individual unit control (tank, warship, army, soldiers) on the battlefield

• Immediate access to riflemen, heavy gunners, and rhino tanks

• Level up for access to powerful units and military might

Build an Empire

Build your base and lead your army to victory. Discover new defense systems, research state of the art weapons for your air force, and warpath any enemies that stand in your way

Fight in Strategic Battles

Blend foot soldiers, light vehicles, tanks and aircraft to coordinate devastating strikes including rocket launch. Attacking the enemy never felt as good as in this realistic PVP military game. As a commander of a rogue strike force you defend or attack in epic battles in the world war. Fight for domination in pvp tank wars and show your modern warfare style to master this real-time strategy game.

Defend your Fortress

Customize your defenses to survive the war thunder and control the world’s last resources. Alternatively, play offense and use your army to turn around, attack and take what’s yours.

• Infantry: Standard warriors required in any battle. Exceptionally well-rounded and diverse, they are great for attack or defense.

• Air Force: Perfect for launching surprise strikes on the warpath against an enemy base in real-time. The right aircraft can provide a strategic advantage over grounded units who can’t shoot from so far below.

• Tank: The backbone of your force warpath. With huge damage output and defensive capabilities, these units are a must have for any invasion

No Build Times

Don’t have time to assemble an army the old fashioned way? Don’t worry. With no build times, you’ll be ready to get into the war thunder in real-time.

Join an Alliance

Forge strategic alliances with allied soldiers and form battle tactics for your deadly strike on the battlefield on the warpath. Or seek advice from a pool of ally commanders in the live world chat. Those who join an alliance are better set up to thrive in this war-torn world.

Monthly in-game Events

Show off your military prowess in monthly events. Fight strategic worldwide battles to top the alliance war leaderboards.






Modern commando new Apk download

Let’s play with modern commandos in thrilling adventure missions!

Do you love to play modern commando games with secret assassin IGI (i give information) missions?

Rockrex games present you with a new action game in 2021. Modern commando 3d is the new army games offline 3D with thrilling secret stealth mission with elite modern commando agent.

Roger’s modern commando enemy has been taken base camp of the army. Commando as a one-man army release the hostages and occupied military base. In this modern commando shooting games 2021, eliminate all the enemies. get equipped with military kits for the most daring secret missions.FPS Action Games 2021 plays an amazing role in the best shooting games.

With the help of Delta IGI (i give information) force, modern commandos always die as hard for the survival war of the nation.

hi, Commando, are you ready for the cover strike shooting battle? let’s fight for the nation. This Modern commando 3d covers multiple strategic commando shooting missions with realistic graphics of FPS shooting games in the action game category for free to play.

This FPS action game is going to get your shooting experience to the next level with amazing stunning gameplay. The gameplay of this action shooter game 2021 for fans of shooting games 2021 is full of action and adventure.

– Strategic FPS action with the best use of AI.

– HD graphics 3d warfare action environment.

– Modern battle gears for amazing shooting games 2021

– Offline the FPS shooting game

– first-person shooter game

– Real battlefield environment

– Advanced sniper rifle

– Smart AI system

– Play anytime, anywhere. No Wi-Fi needed.


Battle royale fire force apk download

BATTLE ROYALE! Be the last cyber player standing on the island

Tired of the monotonous and boring battle royale games or shooting games? Then relax in the fast and dynamic battles of Fire Force: Battle Royale Shooting games online!

• Fire Force: Battle Royale Shooting games online is a multiplayer online shooting games offline games in the world of postapoc. Forget about the limitations, a huge battle ground in a distant desert, play in new modes: solo, duo. Survive from these buildings in shooting games free. Collect loot, look for rivals, build defenses. Simple controls as well as special abilities will provide you with plenty of opportunities for survival! Free offline shooting games online! • Real online battle royale games Serious opponents – check your skill, show them what you are capable of! Various map mobility options and action adventure games. Bright and beautiful stylized games graphics. • Huge map The battle ground in the world of cyberpunk, challenge this dangerous pixel battle royale world. Different territories from buildings to the desert are waiting for you! • Variety of action games modes One against all, play solo, remain the last survivor. Team battle – a multiplayer battle of teams. Squad mode – fights 5 on 5. A game for two, a duo mode for the most desperate and pvp battle royale. • Easy, intuitive controls Auto shooting – give your fingers a break, just play and win! Shooting a button – if you like hardcore fps shooters and eSports, then this is for you! • A powerful arsenal of cyber weapons Laser katana, plasma assault rifles, pixel gun weapons and much more just play this awesome 3rd person shooter! • Cool characters with unique abilities Protective field – be like in a fortress! Battle drone – play with a friend and partner Defensive turret – build and survive! Acceleration – make a jerk, run, dodge, attack fast in this pvp battle royale! Strengthening – unlimited firepower! The future is waiting for you, download now and become a legend of online shooitng games battle royale games! We always try to improve our game, if you have interesting proposals for the development of the project, we are always ready to consider them. Send your ideas and comments to the email: [email protected]


Car parking 3d game Apk download

Free Games Car Parking & Car Driving Simulator… 🚗 🚥 🚧

Extreme Car Parking Game 3D: Car Racing Free Games drives you crazy

Broken Diamond is back in the sequel to the biggest mobile parking simulation game.

New Car Parking Game starts a new era of Car parking

simulation game play with super stunning graphics and challenging multi-stage levels.

Burn up the city with the fastest and most visually stunning car driving game and car parking games 2020. Don’t stop and you won’t notice how you become a real ace of driving and parking driver.

Advance Car Parking specially designed for lovers of Car parking games. You can improve driving skills by enjoying best car parking of 2020. Extremely an addictive game with ultra challenge levels. The third game of the best parking simulation series by Broken Diamond

You can set camera angle by swiping on screen up down and left right. zoom in and out by double touch

Game Features

✅ Realistic vehicle physics

✅ Reverse Camera

✅ 480 different levels

✅ Different Controls (Steering, Arrow,Tilt)

✅ Challenging levels to test your driving skills

✅ Challenging levels to push your Parking Skill to the limit

✅ We provide automobiles like in your dream garage

✅ High detailed graphics

Keep calm and fasten your seat belts to drive car.

Note: This game is free and supported by ad.


Bhai the gangster game for android

Bhai The Gangster. Sabse acha action game in Hindi. Download now.

Please note: This game is in Hindi language. May not be enjoyed by others who do not understand Hindi.

# 1 Open World Action game for India based on Hindi movie story line. Hindi dialogues and character play will blow your mind.

Ever wanted to play Indian version of open world game? Then download Bhai The Gangster.

Bhai The Gangster features unique story line where Bhai is taking revenge of his girlfriend killer. Bhai used to be the Gangster of the city but he chooses the good path. Being a gangster always gets you more enemies than friends. One of the enemy called “Kancha” gave supari for his girlfriend and this game is the journey of Bhai for the revenge.

 Find Kancha and kill him.


-> Hindi Voice Overs

-> Indian Characters

-> Indian Environment

-> Epic story line and game play

-> Indian Auto and Mumbai Taxi Missions to earn money

-> Indian Lorry (Truck) physics

-> Indian Police Chase

-> UP / Bihar / Bhojpuri style language used

And more.

For any business query or feedback please contact [email protected]


Wcc2 apk download

WCC – World’s #1 Cricket Game Franchise. Home of Mobile Cricket!

Welcome to the Next Generation in Mobile Cricket Gaming! Every cricket lover can now have the most advanced 3D mobile cricket game in the palm of their hands! You can play the maximum number of cricket shots including the famous Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot and the Uper-Cut! This is a game built for you the cricket fan!

You have loads to look forward to! You can customize your players and cheer your team with customized banners! You can also look forward to scintillating animations, more cricketing venues, new controls, and new camera angles! ‘World Cricket Championship 2’ has features that make it the most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobile cricket. Be prepared for insane fun!!


· Online and Offline 1v1 Multiplayer via Online Rivals and Local Rivals

· Ashes to Ashes Test Tournament

· 150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling actions

. Rain Interruption, D/L Method

. Hot-Spot & Ultra Edge for LBW and Edge

· Enjoy the Blitz Tournament for free!

· Electrifying fielding with stunning diving catches & quick throws to surprise the opponent.

· Challenging AI opponent

· Realistic ball physics which responds to the pitch (Dead, Dusty, Green)

· Player attributes – Players gain extra skills for consistent performance

· 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams, 42 different stadiums. TEST Cricket, Hot Events and more than 11 tournaments including World Cup, World T20 Cup, Blitz Tournament and ODI Series.

· The Gangs of Cricket mode where the user can form gangs and compete in challenges.

· Challenge A Friend mode enables the user to challenge your friends.

· Batsman may get injured for poor shot selection.

· The emotions of the fielders vary according to the circumstances of the match.

· Cinematic cameras and real-time lighting enhance the visual appeal.


– 3D Wagon wheel with dynamic game data

– Hawk-eye view for bowling summary & for LBW appeals

– 3D Bar chart for innings run scored

· Ultra slow motion Action replays with multiple camera angles

· Over 40+ in-game camera angles

· Two different batting controls (Classic & Pro)

· Two different batting camera settings (Bowler’s end & Batsman’s end)

· Fielders are configured with advanced ball – head coordination system

· Professional English and Hindi commentary with dynamic ground sounds

. Night mode in Quickplay and all tournaments with LED stumps

· Batting Timing Meter to time your lofted shots.

· Manual Field placement to control your opponent in All modes

. Share and save game highlights generated at the end of the match.

. A user can edit the playing 11 team, player names and their roles.

. Misfielding, stunning wicketkeeper catches, quick stumping & tight 3rd umpire decisions to create a realistic cricketing experience.

. New fielding, umpire, toss animations and 110+ new batting shots

· Battle-tested and updated engine to provide fluid 30fps gaming on most mid-range devices.


Awards & Recognition


– App Annie Report- Top Games by Time Spent, India 2016

– App Annie Report- Top Games by MAU, India 2016, 2017 & 2018

– Winner NASSCOM Gaming Forum Awards 2015 ‘Game of the Year’ People’s Choice Award

– Google play store – Best games of 2015, 2016 & 2017

– Google play store – Most social games of 2017




Permissions Required:

GET_ACCOUNTS – To Sign-in into the game using your Google account

READ_PHONE_STATE -Enables us to send you push notifications on various updates & offers

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION – To serve you location-specific ads & offers

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – For saving your game progress, statistics, game assets, caching ads & offers

Recommended System Specifications,

– Android OS : 4.1 or higher



Forward strike warfare Apk download

New offline shooter and sniper game 2020. offline games action shooter games

Forward Strike Warfare is a fast-paced action first person shooter game. Because you get chance to play best shooting games on mobile. Get your best shooting gun offline games action and take down Black ops!

Forward Strike Warfare offline games action has stunning graphics, even on low-performing devices. Are you ready to become part of FPS 3D Shooting Game? Counter terrorists to blitz the unkilled enemies!

Lead resistance and command elite force in offline action games and become real gun shooter solider. You will be the hero of world war in online FPS shooter.


In Forward Strike Warfare offline games action are a part of modern war strike where you fight like in real world war games and assassin all the undead enemies for survival of the last day on the earth in best shooting games 2020. Remember spy shooter you got two options live or death in 3d sniper game.






Forward Strike Warfare

New offline shooter and best sniper 3d shooting game 2020.

Amazing Eye-Catching Environment with completely new best first person shooter gameplay set in ruined deserts, sieged cities and horror forest etc in NO.1 first person shooting games. High and stunning graphics for mobile in top action shooter game.


Hide in bushes and trench to avoid assassins games. Realistic best offline shooting game environment enhance your experience In this offline games action 2021. Use your black ops tactics to counter terrorists.


Best action shooter games

Forward Strike Warfare

Shoot to kill then survive in best sniper 3d shooting game!

Now enjoy beautiful and stunning graphics in this Free Shooting Games. File size of game is also highly optimized to save your internet data. Now enjoy your best fps shooter game.



Build strong weaponry for gunship war with world of tank, face world tank war with insane tanks. Command the 3d sniper game against enemies form frontline and be a hero in world war game. Fight critical battles use sniper rifle like sharpshooter in No.1 mobile first person shooter game. This online arena shooter game has a powerful arsenal, which has a variety of powerful weapons in this shooting games offline 2021. Weapons can customize to counter special forces in best shooting games.



If you don’t want to play modern strike warfare online no need to worry enjoy this fps shooter game with deep storyline with amazing battlefield game environment. Modern strike warfare is best offline fps shooting games.


Easy interface won’t leave you struggling to learn them first. Modern control gives you immersive feeling, just aim, press trigger and shoot all the bad guys with easy controls and lead the frontline of adventure heroes in action fps game.

Download Now for free best offline shooting games on your device. It’s fun to play

More features:

– Best action shooter game with fun shooting games!

– Easy and amazing control!

– Games where you create your own rules!

– Best offline first-person shooter game

– Perfect optimization, even on weak devices!

– Smart AI system makes the game more fun

– 3D gun shooting challenging missions

– Realistic 3D graphics and fighting environment

– New Free offline Shooting games

– Forward Strike Warfare


Gta4 app|Gta4 apk download

Welcome to Business Administration, this website is an online APK store or blog where we will provide you all kinds of Android apps like official or unofficial so that you can enjoy. If you would like to request a game, please comment on our blog or YouTube video for us to see.

So let’s start with our topic on how to download GTA 4 for Android mobile. First of all remember this game is not official as I said earlier, so it means you will not get any official help but don’t worry I am here to help install this game.
Also, by playing this game, you will get the same gaming experience as through an official game, Rock Star Games. This is an unofficial trending app, so hurry up and let it run.
The whole download process is shown in my YouTube channel, please visit it so that I have shared the whole download process with the gameplay.
This game will be supported with any Android device which has 1 GB or more of RAM. It will also feature GTA 4 as the official game for Android mobile.
To download this game click on the download button at the end of this article, this is business administration and your favorite youtuber technical telm.
Thank you for your support and love for us. Keep up the good work and keep up the good content. See you in our next article.


Snifer 3D apk download

Free online and offline multiplayer FPS game. Play as a super sniper killer!

Ready for a free action-packed multiplayer FPS game? Snapper 3D is a fun free online multiplayer FPS game – fight in a multiplayer battle and become the best sniper killer in this fun free multiplayer shooting game. With free online and offline game mode, you can have fun and play anywhere, anytime.

High speed multiplayer killer game.
Supports free online and offline games.
Unlock fun upgrades and make the best guns.

Main Features:
– Ultra realistic 3D graphics
– Intuitive game control
– Build the best weapons; Unlock ammunition and grip gun guns and amusement upgrades
– Play with sniper assassins around the world
– Get strategy with fun free missions in offline mode or go online for out multiplayer war!
– Rescue the hostages and become the biggest sniper killer in the army

Play this game for fun master controls and countless exciting free missions. Snapper 3D is a fun-filled multiplayer FPS game that offers versatile play modes to provide players with endless hours of free multiplayer entertainment. Download Snapper 3D FPS Killer game for free to engage in online FPS multiplayer combat. Enjoy the fun experience now with this free online multiplayer FPS killer game.


Shadow fighter apk download

Shadow Fighter is a great fighting game and a great fighting game

Shadow Fighter is a great action game, a great fighting game. This is one of the best offline role playing game (RPG)
Shadow Fighter will take you to the level of the series with amazing experiences.
There is a series of zombie warfare and monster warfare on the surface.

In each level, you will face a fierce battle. Zombies, Monsters: In it, you will become a hero to fight the dark forces. Your skills will be upgraded after each level
In this fighting game, you can use all kinds of weapons, equipment to attack the enemies.
There are five different hero characters for you to choose from.
After every 5 levels there is a powerful monster boss, to eliminate this enemy you, you need to be smart, skilled … this battle will make you feel fun and amazing.

* Shadow Fighter features
– Characters: 5 hero characters
– Level: 50+
– Mode: Normal, hard, very hard
Amazing graphics, effects and sounds
– Zombies, more weapons, equipment to attack monsters
– Daily search
– Shop …

* How to play in shadow combat:
– Tap the play button to play
– Tap the jumping button to jump
– Tap the slashing button to slash
– More special attack skills

Coming soon:
– More map updates in progress

Let’s download and try this fighting game now! This fighting game will take you on a terrifying adventure and I am sure it will give you a better time and amazing experiences. You will addictive to this action game.

Fan page:
– Facebook:

Give me some feedback from Shadow Fighter to help us improve it!
Email: [email protected]


Free survival fire battle apk download

Get Free survival: fire battlegrounds and enjoy an intense battle royale game.

Free survival: fire battlegrounds is the ultimate survival shooter game for your mobile. The best single player battle royale games with strategic play, amazing graphics, and diverse joyful experience, DOWNLOAD IT and enjoy a unique mobile gaming experience.

Fire upon your targets with very realistic weapons. You have never seen so realistic gun games: pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns… feel like a real frontline commando in the survival battleground!

Get your knives out, step into the battlegrounds, and experience the journey of real survival shooter on the battlefields. Explore beautiful environments of the fire battlegrounds.
Experience the best and fastest growing action offline game to hit your play store in 2020. An immersive experience, playing a very cool single player shooter game. Survive in the loot island, eliminate all the enemies and be the #1 survivor in the unknown island battlegrounds. We offer Easy to use controls and smooth graphics with which we guarantee the best offline survival battle royale game you can play on mobile, download it and enjoy a free offline shooter gaming experience and get your name among the legends.
Free survival: fire battlegrounds is a FREE OFFLINE shooting game with survival challenges, where player battlegrounds survival on the grassy lands is a very exciting and immersive true gaming experience.
Play a very entertaining offline battle royale game. We recommend a wifi to download the game, but you don’t need wifi to play our third person shooter Game and enjoy the challenging matches. Join the survival battle and command this battle like a pro gamer.
Free survival: fire battlegrounds is FREE ON MOBILE – We deliver jaw-dropping HD graphics and amazing sounds. Featuring customizable mobile controls, experience the most smooth control and realistic ballistics, weapon behavior on mobile.


– Splendid 3D graphics with real life animations and environment.
– Perfect aiming and shot system, giving you thrilling experience of the Free survival: fire battlegrounds.
– Amazing gun fire sounds, giving you intense feel of the battleground heat.
– immersive gaming experience that also supports low ends devices.


– Diverse options of guns from different modern weaponry category like machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles or shotguns to have a unique experience in battleground survival game.
– Play on your own a great story mode and enjoy the best offline battle royale combat.
– New and amusing warfare environments of gun games in free battleground shooting game.
– Get loaded with 2 primary guns and 1 secondary gun to shoot your enemies at your best in intense combat experience.
– Medic kits to accompany your journey of #1 survival in battleground games.


– Enjoy the real survival battle of the Free survival: fire battlegrounds with a variety of items in the maps to loot and get equipped.
– Fire at your enemies with accuracy, and enjoy high graphics.
– Boost your game play with med kits and loots in the TPS shooting game, exp booster in top free war games.
– Immersive beautiful graphics.
– Earn exciting rewards by clicking the get reward button.

As we evolve with the game, we encourage you to reach out to us, with your questions or inquiries, feel free to shoot us an email, or a message on our contacts.