“Chain Cube 3D: Drop The Number 2048”

China Cube 3D Classic 2048 Game

Chain Cube 3D: Drop The Number 2048 is a free, easy but exciting cube game s kindAs kind of 2048 game, it shows the fun and crazy physics with 3D cubes.

When you shoot the 3d cube, it will bounce up and down instead of staying in the place if you haven’t merge it successfully.

How to play Chain Cube 3D: Drop The Number 2048?
OveMove your 3D cube and aim precisely.🧊
HoShoot and hit the cube with the same color and number.
ErMerge two identical cubes to get a new one.
EepKeep merging cubes, refreshing your own record to reach number 2048 finally and get rewards!

Ready to accept the challenge and merge cubes to reach 2048? HatWhat are you waiting for? Download Chain Cube 3D righ now!

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