Clock live wallpaper Apk download

Try the elegant design for the clock of your home screen

We are presenting here Clock Live Wallpaper, a lovely analog clock with a beautiful falling snow effect.

We have designed this analog clock in a unique way, by adding a battery percentile indicator, a calendar weekday indicator and to induce the sense of time passing, we added a gentle falling snow in the background. It creates a magical experience that you will immediately love.

From the settings menu you can choose from many types of analog clock designs. The Clock Live Wallpaper comes with a set of backgrounds to choose from but you can also choose the background from your own pic gallery. The position and size of the analog clock can be modified and you can also turn on/off the battery level indicator and the calendar date indicator. You can use Clock Live Wallpaper as a live wallpaper, as a lock screen or as both, if your phone allows you to do so.

The options you can personalize:

– The size and position of the analog clock

– The design and transparency of the clock

– Show/hide the analog clock

– Show/hide the battery level and the calendar date

– Modify the snowfall speed and direction

– Choose from a given set of backgrounds or set your own background

Try Analog Clock Live Wallpaper now, you will surely be impressed.


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