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Schools App is the best way for students at their college or university

Schools App is the official community at many colleges and universities such as Syracuse University, University of Oregon, UCLA, Stony Brook University, Northwest Arkansas Community College, Pace, University of Denver, Columbia College Chicago, Gonzaga, California College of the Arts, Samford University, UCSB, and many, many more.


• Student Directory: Find other students based on name and common interests.

• Activity Feed: See what other students are talking about and get answers to your questions.

Davido latest movie app

• Study Group Finder – Study alone? Study with the help of other students!

• Group Messaging – Start a group, find a group, and be part of the discussion.

• Roommate Finder: Find great people so you can live better!

• Private Messaging: Connect with staff and students in real time.

• Announcements: Don’t miss the important messages from the school.

Davido is a platform to streamline the communication between teachers and parents at the secondary and higher secondary education levels. This helps parent to get a clear view about their wards performance in scholastic and non-scholastic area.

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Davido enables teacher to quickly find any information about a student at their fingertip using the smartphone.

Davido open up a two way communication channel between teacher and parent. This is a real time communication as all these achieved through the smartphone that you carry always!!!

Functionalities offered by Davido

For Parents

Davido helps parents to get a continuous view of their wards performance in scholastic and non-scholastic area.

Davido’s performance charts/graphs provide a progressive view of ward’s performance. This help parent to understand any improvements needed at the early stage and avoid last minute surprises.

Davido enables parents to view any specific comments from teachers about the ward’s performance.

This also enable them to receive any notifications from the school at real time, so no more missed or delayed communications.

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Davido’s diary open up a two way communication channel to reduce the communication gap between parent and teacher

Davido helps parent to quickly find the transport information pertaining to their ward and track the same

For Teachers

Davido progress report view enable teachers to quickly find out performance report of any student

The progressive and tentative graphs helps teacher to quickly find performance improvements required at early stage and notify the parent the same.

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Davido diary help teachers to send any notes to the parent and get a acknowledgement of the same. This helps to remove any communication gaps.

Davido transport information help teacher to quickly find transport information of any student.


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