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A typical dialer app

Simple dialer app

Supported speed dialing makes it a breeze to call your favorite contacts with this real phone.

Dialz is another shortcut to your phone that opens the stock dialpad directly.

It comes with material design and dark theme by default, providing the best user experience for easy use. Lack of internet access gives you more privacy, security and stability than other apps.

Dialz provides teams with a unique place to stay connected to a business communications platform that supports all types of communication. Whether it’s sales or collaboration, 1: 1 or group meetings, Dialysis offers a solution that makes it easy to have a smartphone inside and outside your business.

A lightweight app to handle your calls, no matter where you are. Comes with an easy call log for easy call initiation.

Instant dialpad is also at your service with smart connectivity tips. It also supports posts.

You can easily block phone numbers to avoid unwanted incoming calls.

The phone app also supports creating favorite contacts and shortcuts to any contact on the home screen to help you handle your calls faster.

Ajo’s app is a light movies app for viewing and browsing related content online.

Watch your full Bollywood, Hollywood, animated and South Indian movies on free full movie.

Let us know the latest box office news, trailers and celebrity stories from Dialz apk

Easy browsing for celebrity videos and movie content on the Dialz Movie app.

Watch your favorite anime and TV series in Dialz apk movie.

Find the latest, upcoming, broadcast movies and TV series in AJO.

Find the latest movies, TV series anywhere and anytime on the Dialz app and find them.

Dialz apk is constantly working to bring you new features in the movie app. In the Ajo Movies app, we help you enjoy movies, TV series, mobile phones with friends and family easily and securely. If you have any concerns or hints, please email us. We’d love to hear from you too, so just say hello. If you enjoyed our movie app Dialz Movies, please rate us on the Google Play Store.


Content provided in this app is hosted via YouTube and is available in the public domain. We do not upload any videos to YouTube nor do we show any modified content. All data in this app is publicly available on various public platforms. We do not own data that is not displayed through the YouTube API

High quality HD view, material design, no registration required

High quality HD view, material design, no registration required

Dialz Movies is the best application you can get for free without registration.

Dialz Movies will provide a new experience for watching your favorite movies.


Material Design (UI)

Attractive ractive interface

The interface is easy to use

quick super quick search (smart search

registration No registration required

Update everyday

♥ HD quality movies

Add to favorites

دکھ Show history

. Subtitle

♥ Rapid deprivation

Support all devices and versions of OS

For those of you who love Dialz movies, try this great app, you will easily find and watch movies and it is free for you. This app is perfect for all your smartphones.

What are you waiting for, download now and have fun every day.


Content provided in this app is hosted by the public video website and is available in the public domain.

We do not upload any videos. This app is a systematic way to browse and watch videos discovered on public websites.

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