Disable touch Apk download

It lets the user disable the touch on their phone to avoid accidental clicks.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been irritated due to the accidental clicks when the phone is in your pocket?

Have you ever wished to listen to movies while you are walking even with the phone in your pocket?

Then this app is the perfect solution to solve the problem!

“Disable Touch” lets the user disable the screen touch whenever required to avoid accidental clicks.


*Automatically detects phone calls and re-enables touch if disabled.

*It can be used over any video streaming app like Netflix, YouTube to listen to your favorite videos even when your phone is in your pocket without the worry of accidental touches.

*Avoids ghost touch issues

*It can help you to trace drawings by keeping the image still.

*It can be used while cooking to avoid the need to touch the phone as it keeps the video running even without touch.

*To avoid disrupting the GPS display when your phone is mounted on the dashboard for a map-guided journey


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