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Capture the moment in HD quality, take your mobile photography to new heights

DSLR Camera Effect 2021: Blur Master, Blur Photo Maker

DSLR Camera Effect 2021: Insta Story Maker, Drip Effect is used to capture blur photo through your camera. Also, these apps provide different blur camera functions. Do you want to blur an unwanted part of the image or do you want to blur the background of the photo? We will help you to have particle images with Dslr Defocus Background Effect.

DSLR Camera 2021app provides free hand blur effect and pointer size of Manny option in app.

If you edit your photo for this application it is better. You take a photo from camera and gallery and blur the photo background and also blur the unwanted background of the photo and make it stunning.

With the new image processing technique and blur filter, we make your photo more beautiful, like a shot from a digital DSLR camera, plus a blur effect filter background. You will have a good experience and feel comfortable using our application with many blur editing options. You can also review your photo after editing, we provide you a solid tool to edit the photo easier. Get cool photos with bokeh effects and share on social network.

How to use?
Now it is very easy to blur the background of the image or auto blur the background, select your image by drawing around and it will automatically blur the background. Use this advanced image blur option to simplify image blur editing.

You can blur photos and blur the background manually (fast blur, point blur, shape blur) with this quick blur photo editor. This blur photo editor helps you to blur a part of the image using manual blur option and remove the blur that you have mistakenly blurred.

3D Text Photo Frame, Live Photo Frame, Insta Story Maker, Story Maker, Story Lab, Drip Effects, Neon Effect Maker, you can easily add beautiful frames to your favorite photos and share them with friends via Facebook, email , WhatsApp …. .

DSLR Camera Effect 2021: Blur Photo Maker App Features: –
• Blur the background of each image from the camera and gallery.
• Focus mode and blur point with many types of blur.
• Defocus photos automatically with quick blur mode.
• View your collections.
• Save the image to storage.
• Share the image with your friends, Family.

The DSLR 2021 camera effect also provides various blur styles such as:
1) Motion blur focus / blur
2) Gaussian blur
3) Line blur
4) Circular blur
5) Pixel blur

Drip Effects Photo Editor: –
Drip Effect Photo editor is a perfect light photo editor and also a drip effect app for you to build a masterpiece with unique color drip filters and dripping paint effects. Are you looking for neon photo editing with light streak effects and funny face stickers? Neon Light Effects is the perfect photo editor app for photo edits with glowing light effects.

Just take a photo with your selfie camera or choose one from the gallery and your image editing can start now. Open the “light streak effects” stickers option and choose from many wonderful shapes such as spiral effect shapes, glowing triangles, rectangular shapes, diagonal neon rays, neon wings, circle frame effects and glowing star stickers .

Insta Story Maker: –
Stories are the new trend. You can see them everywhere. Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, they are all awash in stories. But not everyone has enough time to check each and every one of the stories uploaded by their friends or family.

If you are looking for a story maker that comes with useful tools, StoryStar is what we recommend. It has multiple story editing tools, effects to create beautiful stories for Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

History and Art Templates: –
– Featured Instagram Story Template
– Insta story cover template
– Birthday story art
– Photo Collage Story Art
– Snapchat geo filter history art and more

This is a very easy application and it is FREE
Enjoy it ..!


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