Find my phone with clap Apk download

Find your lost/ misplaced phone at office, home or car with clapping

Clap to find my phone is a simple tool to find your misplaced android phone with clapping only.

It happens often with all of us in our busy daily routines that we put our phone silent, place it in table drawer or slip it under pillow or drop it under car seat or sofa. Now when you need your phone, you are unable to find it. You keep on asking

Where is my phone?

Did any one see my phone?

Who took my phone?

How can I find my phone?

This Clap to find my phone app is the answer to all these question. You can find your misplaced phone quickly with clap only.

Find phone by clapping will ring a loud alarm even when the phone is on silent mode. Not only that you can find phone with alarm sound but also with flash light and vibration.

Options :

1. Turn on phone vibration :

When your phone is lost under the sofa seat the alarm sound is not heard, vibration helps you to find the phone.

2. Turn on Flashlight :

To make it easier to find your lost phone in the dark.

3. Flashlight Frequency :

The flashing light frequency also helps to detect phone in the dark at distance.

4. Alarm Sound :

Some common emergency alarm sounds have been added to make it easier to find your phone. But you may also select any one of the phone built-in ringtones.

How to use it :

1. Select the options you want to set

2. Press start button

3. Clap and alarm is turned on !

Note :

Sometimes your clap sound does not match with the clap sound stored in the application for comparison. Please do not worry, just try with bit different clap and frequency.


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