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Flash On Call gives alerts on incoming Calls and SMS / Notifications.

The No.1 Flash on Call and SMS App on Google Play

Flash On Call and SMS is a smart and Top Rated application available on the Google Play Store. Flash on Call and SMS app gives alerts on incoming calls and SMS with the blink of your camera.

Flash On Call and Flash on SMS application will use your device camera flashlight to start blinking when you are receiving a call or an SMS. This most brightest blink app is a very useful application for those users who are mostly busy in meetings or work in places where they have to keep their mobile phones silent such as hospitals etc. Flash on Call and SMS will make your life easier by letting you know about every call and SMS through flash blinks, that if your mobile device is mostly silent you are bound to miss.

How To Use

♦ Flash On Call and SMS application is very flexible in a way that you can enable / disable it completely for both call and SMS, or you can just select to use the flash blink functionality for either call or SMS.

♦ Blinking frequency can be changed according to your own liking.

Available functions:

1. Blinks On Incoming Calls.

2. Blinks On Incoming SMS.

3. Blink Intervals adjustment.

4. Flash timings adjustment.

5. Control Amount of flashe blinking when receiving SMS.

6. Use Flash on Call and SMS in different modes (Normal, Vibration, Silent)

Application Usage:

In Silent Mode.

In Normal Mode.

In Vibrate Mode.

In Meetings.

In Hospitals.

Customer support now available.

Always feel free to contact us any time. Your feedback about the new design will be appreciated.

About Permissions on devices using Android 6 or later

As per Google Play policy, permission to access camera as well as Call and SMS state will be asked when a user with Android version 6 (Marshmallow) or greater starts the app for the first time.

The permissions are used for the following purposes:

Camera: To access the flash light.

Call: To let the app know when there is a Call on the user’s device so that the flash light can be turned ON.

SMS To let the app know when an SMS arrives so that the flash can be turned ON.

We value user suggestions

Use this application and let us know about any improvements through feedback. Always feel free to contact us any time.

Stay Happy 🙂


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