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We have all been there. You are in a hurry or you do not know where free wifi is, you do not want to hunt hunters in the city every time you access the Internet. Instabridge is here to save you the hassle of asking for your Wi-Fi password wherever you go. An online map makes it the perfect travel app. With over 4 million passwords and access points added to our database, Instabridge is like a key that can help you connect whenever and wherever you want.

Instabridge is a global community of people who share WiFi passwords. We have collected more than 4 million passwords և access points և this number is increasing every day. It’s completely free, saves you money on data usage, and helps other people who do not need Wi-Fi. The more people add WiFi, the closer we get to free WiFi և access to everyone.

Just download the app >> Automatically connect to WiFi >> connect to our community

With millions of secure Wi-Fi hotspots, Instabridge is the easiest way to dive into the Internet for free. Instabridge Wifi Finder knows which Wi-Fi networks are working, and automatically keeps you away from networks that are not working. No configuration required. It just works. With our well-integrated travel map, detailed statistics on each network in our database, you never have to worry about how and where you can connect.

• Get free Wi-Fi internet access in major cities
• No data limit, no cost
• Automatically connect to Wi-Fi as soon as it is available (perfect for airports). Get free internet automatically.
• Useful statistics (such as speed, popularity և data usage) on any password or access point in our database.
• Online maps are included so you can find hotspots even when roaming or lacking data. The perfect travel app.
• Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 և WPA3.
• Easier to use than WPS.
• Easy to use speed tests.

Help us make WiFi available to everyone. By joining our community, you are paving the way for millions of people around the world who cannot afford WiFi at home.

What do others say about Instabridge?
“Instabridge is a Swedish company that has come up with something very simple and amazing, you wonder what has given this industry. ”
Android Reputation:

“Today’s application is simply exceptional. It’s a brilliant idea, a great solution և perfectly done. I’m in love.”
Free Android

“Instabridge is an elegant solution” ”

“” Simple interface allows friends to log in without having to type a complex number of numbers or letters from a piece of paper. ”


Karևor. Please note that Instabridge is not for Wi-Fi connection, nor is it a Wi-Fi hacking tool, it can not be used for Wi-Fi hacking in any way. Instabridge syncs wifi passwords on your own devices մարդկանց to the people մարդկանց whom you choose to trust.

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