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Background removal with the latest artificial intelligence technology. Choose any image or video և Automatically detect objects and background և not only to remove the background, but also for other great effects. The program is based on the semantic segmentation of the image, which is the concept of finding objects և edges in images. Google

Research DeepLab is a next-generation neural learning network for exchanging semantic images and now, with AI Green Screen, this great technology is now available as an easy-to-use app for everyday use. Just let the AI ​​detect the objects in the image և select the effect you want to apply. The true power of artificial intelligence for everyone.

AI detection sensitivity
You can apply effects to detected objects or anything else (background). There are 3 different levels of object detection sensitivity

1) Only people. Focus strictly on people.

2) people միջոց vehicles (default). Detect people, planes, bicycles, boats, buses, cars, motorcycles and trains. This mode is useful for protecting privacy, such as hiding all objects that may contain confidential privacy information (such as license plates, etc.).

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