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Launch the hidden apps detector and let it scan if any installed app disguised without an icon. because it can be dangerous (spyware, Malwarebytes, virus…etc.) and display them for you to choose the action to perform.

So, if you have suspected something nasty, the first thing you should do is to start the app and let it scan dangerous or suspicious things that can spy your privacy!

anti-malware protects your phone from spyware, Trojans, vulnerabilities, viruses, adware and malware. All in one app.

why should I use hidden apps?

malicious applications, malware or virus in the Google Play Store are all disguised as games and education apps. These malicious apps hide their existence on victim’s devices by removing their icons from home screen. They redirect victims to install another app on the Google Play Store that displays advertisements.

Furthermore, these malicious apps load several blog URLs in the background without the user’s knowledge.

Once the application is launched, it immediately calls for its icon to be removed from the home screen, while it is still active in the background.

Despite the inability to provide the functions it claims to have. the malicious app forcefully redirects victims to install another app on the Play Store once it has been launched.

The promoted app Although the app does have simple functionality it also displays a large number of advertisements.

While staying undercover, the malicious app has a background service that constantly checks the device’s network connectivity status. Once network connectivity is available, the app checks if the compromised device has installed any of the malicious apps. If none of them are present, the app will load several URLs in the background. The URLs lead to various blogs and it is likely the app is being used to increase web traffic to these sites.

Features of Hidden Apps:

– Free analysis tool to identify malicious applications that have been granted permission to start

– Malicious binary system that does not show its icon.

– An application hidden in the launcher and not displayed.

– Malicious applications that do not use a known name.

– Finds and shows applications that are not necessarily malicious but have no icons.

– Unfortunately, this may not work if you use any kind of launch applications.

– find undetectable virus.

– display discrete spy app on Android phones

– Scan all your installed apps and find app which is from unknown resources.

– Show used dangerous app permissions.

– Block CAM feature (Camera Block Function) a Shield against known and unknown attacks.

– High Risk App detect fraudulent elements such as adware, SMS spies, backdoors, Remote Access Trojans, rooting, key loggers, exploits, Anubis, and ransomware.

– Spyware Checker: smart technology that protect users from hackers and targeted spy attacks.

Well, it’s a good idea to remove any app you do not use, even if they are not malicious to improve the performance of your device, because these apps do not work but receives information about various services and can send them to any destination.

Some applications may be considered excessive authority and this should not hide its icon.

Stay protected from mobile malware by taking these precautions:


• Keep your software up to date.

• Do not download apps from unfamiliar sites.

• Only install apps from trusted sources.

• Pay close attention to the permissions requested by apps.

• Make frequent backups of important data.

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