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iCallScreen – OS14 Phone X Dialer Call Screen is for Phone Caller Screen Fans.

Presently, users are filling in boring old style new caller screens, so we present to you iCallScreen – OS14 Phone X Dialer Call screen. In this full screen caller id you can get the same fill as if you are using phone X or OS 14. In this caller screen app has contact list, recent list, favorite list and T9 search keyboard. There are also various settings for the slide to answer the call screen like toggle button, accept and reject, change color backgrounds, change ringtones, unblock users, and preference for sim card to change sim card settings. Also in the Call Screen app, users can add calls, see contacts, add call reminders, send a message when you are not able to answer calls, merge calls with conference call, call swap, and disconnect from conference. That’s why it makes you fill in as if you are a user of OS 14 and Phone X. The app also has a caller name announcer option that carries the caller’s name or number

😍 Best Features of iCallScreen – OS14 Phone X Dialer Call Screen 😍

Set wallpapers or custom backgrounds 🎨
Customize and decorate pre-defined background wallpaper for call screen. If you want something different or want to choose an image from gallery, you can find stylish wallpaper and background from app setting


Set the tone for OS14 and Phone X
It allows you to set OS 14 phone 11 ringtones to your device

Call Blocking 🚫
It allows you to block unwanted calls or spam. You can add or remove it from the setting manually or you can choose from the contact.

Registrar ☎
In this app, there are many features in the Dialer app such as viewing, searching for or managing the contact book, viewing recent call history, adding and removing contacts in favorites. Advanced calling keyboard that allows users to search for T9 (search for contact name by number) and see contact details.

Personalization Settings 🔧
There are various settings like changing wallpapers and ringtones, blocker, accept and reject buttons toggle for incoming and outgoing calls screen.

Call Screen 🏆
The user gets all the features of OS14 and Phone X such as adding and managing conferences, switching and split from conference calls.

Slide button to answer 💖
Everyone wants to scroll the button to answer in the icallscreen so this app gives you the feeling like a real slide button for the answer

Dual SIM support ✌
The app supports dual sim card. So user can manage sim settings and choose sim card before call or set default sim.

Caller name announcer 🔉
The application announces when incoming calls are ringing. The app is set for caller name announcer with vibration enabled, silent, number of time to speak, delay between announcement, language setting, say before and after text.

Dark Mode 🌓
Dark mode option to improve battery life.

🎈 Lightweight
The application size is approximately 7 to 8 MB. So the user can download the application easily

Redial Screen 📞
After disconnecting the call, the call back screens come in for you to be able to call, send, block, or record calls.

Conference management 👫
You can merge two or more calls, manage conference and split calls if your device supports this.

ICallScreen FAQ – OS14 Phone X Dialer Call Screen

1. Is it free? 🆓
✅ Yes, it is free to use

2. Why does it sometimes not appear?
There are a few reasons why the service might not be allowed to run for a long time so you can follow these two steps
1. Turn off the battery saver or whitelist app from the battery saver menu.
2. Allow the app to “start in the background” from the app info or phone setup


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