Internet speed booster Apk download

3G 4G 5G Signals Booster Prank app is a Joke / Fun / Simulator App..

This app is for Fun and Entertainment purpose only.

Don’t take it Serious.

This is not real signal booster and it just simulates the signal booster.

3G WiFi Signal Optimizer Prank is the new generation colorful 2G 3G 4G WIFI signal boosting simulator app for android device.

This app is a simulation of network and internet speed Stabilizer or Optimizer.This is a prank app


Are you looking for best entertainment and prank app?

Congratulations you have come to right app.

How to use this 3g 4g wifi network speed connection prank app?

1. Run the app

2. Click optimize button

3. Wait while ‘phone signal booster’ will simulate scan or boosting process

You can show friends that you really boosted network GPRS signals

It didn’t really increase network SIGNALS strength or coverage


This app is just a simulator of real SIGNAL SPEED MASTER.

It shows how booster can work and strength the reception of target network range.

It is not a real signal booster!

This app shows how it reconnect the mobile with the fastest cell tower available on the place,but it didn’t reconnect the cell signal just simulates how it reconnects the cellphone signals.

It shows simulation of finding best signal carrier Reception from cell tower,clean signal interference,change settings of packet data.

It shows the simulation of improvement of low signal latency.

If you do a speedtest after optimizing using this app.,there won’t be increase or decrease in cell signals strength because it is a prank app.

You can show friends that you really boosted network CDMA , GPRS signals

It didn’t really increase network and net signal strength or coverage.

You can use it to make prank!

This app is for free!


Try it and feel the fun using fresh network signal speedmaster prank app!

Download 2g 3g 4g Signal Speed Master Or Booster Prank for free!


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