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Jazz Discount Bazaar offers the best shopping, dining and discounts on the go.Food, shopping and luxury all in one! Meet “Jazz Discount Bazar”, the ultimate platform for extraordinary offers and discounts. With premium brands on board, Jazz Discount Bazar offers the best deals and discounts at restaurants, lounges, spas, clothing stores and much more!Do you want to dine in the nearby restaurants? Don’t you always like discounts on food and shopping? With a discount of up to 50%, our offers and discounts app allows you to enjoy an excellent dining experience in the best restaurants in Pakistan.Some of our proud partners are:Islamabad: Kentucky Fried Chicken, OPTP, Pizza Hut Caramel, The Smoky Cauldron, Mindanao, Wild

Wings, Cafe Garage, Sea Nabqorn, The Gold Restaurant, 2 Brooke Engineers, Fredriguez Pizza Hoody, Carranchi Biryani and Broast, Mastana, OPTP, La Terraza , The Hot Spot Café, Khiva, BLT, 1969 Café, La Montana, Petite Brugge, Arz Lebnanon, Franco’s, Maro Tandoor’s, Burgers, etc, DIY Eatry, SubwayLahore: 24 Wall Street Pizza, The Chinese Express, AL-NAKHAL Burger Chalet, Chai Studio, Cravea, Swirl, Khana Khazana, Dera Restaurant, Dawat e Khas, LA Arena Lounge Nairang Café, Fazal-e-Haq Dera, NY212 Pizza, Ruffles, Django Burger Lab, Manning Hut, Subway, Kentucky, OTP, Pizza Hut, The Gold RestaurantKarachi: Ice Cream Frosties, Kebabistan, Lickalicks, Paramount Fine Foods, Sal’s The Eatery, Mash N Bangers, Magnet Pizza, Master Lahori Chargha, Pizza Inn, Desi Dera, Figaro Grill, Pizza Plus, Dairy Feast, Cafe Peshawari, Wall Street Burger , Aura’s Café & grill, Eat Area, Jack & Charlie, Turkish Grill, Déjà Vu Café & Grill, Al Mashawi Mandi, Zizzi Pizzeria, Lamosh, Mr Burger, Marina Drive Café, Boti Inn, Straight Outta Burnsroad, Bam Bou, Sailors Restaurant Bombay Chowpatty, Ala Rasi, The Sauce Burger Cafe, Subway, KFC, OTP, Pizza Hut, The Gold RestaurantFeatures
• Free: There are no fees to download, browse, and subscribe. The app is completely free
• One-click redemption: You can redeem discounts with the touch of your finger! Just select a restaurant / brand and quickly get the discount code on your screen. Show it to the brand and here you go, you took advantage of the discount.
• Redeem offers by SMS: Don’t have Wi-Fi access? Without 3G / 4G? There is no problem! Our offers and discounts can also be used for SMS, just send the word “Offer” to 5005!
• No need to print coupons
• Push Notifications: Get notifications of unbeatable discounts on your phone and stay informed of the latest offers.
• Multiple Exchanges: Option to redeem multiple offers and discountMain service categories
1. Discounts nearby
2. Food offers
3. Free mealsHow to benefit from offers and discounts?
1) Discover offers and discounts in the app

2) Go to the restaurant / outlet of your preference
3) Show the app when checking in, click “Get discount” and enjoy your offer

Absolutely free! If you don’t believe it, try it for yourself!

We are constantly improving!
I liked? Leave a review please. The Jazz Discount Bazar Offers and Discounts app is updated regularly and has new features. If you have comments, ideas and advice for us, feel free to suggest them.

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