Lock Me Out App blocker & website blocker

Beat Your Phone Addiction With Lock Me Out!¬† ūüĒźūüėƬ†¬†¬† Can’t put your phone down?¬† Are you used to your smartphone?¬† Lock Me Out is a simple but powerful application that will lock you out of your phone when you want to do something else.¬†¬†¬† Please check www.dontkillmyapp.com to make sure Lockout is running seamlessly on your device!¬†¬†¬†¬† Overview (detailed overview below)¬†¬† Block specific apps, allow specific apps, or only lock screen¬†¬† Block specific websites¬†¬† Usage Automatic lockout based on usage: app time, app opens, device lock¬†¬† Scheduled regular lockout¬†¬† specific Only locked in specific locations¬†¬† lock Turn on DND / silent ringer during lockout¬†¬† lock Prevent changes during or before lockout¬†¬† password protection for entry entry, uninstall and system settings¬†¬† emergency Temporary emergency access¬†¬† Pay a fine to end the lockout quickly¬†¬† With DND ON in apps, time spent statistics in lockout¬†¬† Notifications to alert you about your use

‚ÄĘ No ads¬†¬†¬† Lock Me Out has helped thousands of people reduce their phone usage, including many students who want to focus on their studies.¬† Originally released in 2014, it is constantly being improved based on user feedback and feature requests.¬†¬†¬† Customer service is a top priority at TEQTIC.¬† If you’re having trouble, please use the “Contact Support” menu option within the app or email lockmeout@teqtic.com before leaving a negative review!¬† We usually respond to all emails within 48 hours, and often very quickly.¬†¬†¬† Install now and enjoy some organic time, hassle free!¬†¬†¬†¬† detailed analysis¬†¬† Lockout mode¬†¬† Each lockout has an associated lockout format.¬† Blocked Apps mode allows you to select a list of apps you want to block during lockout.¬† Allowed Apps mode allows you to select a list of apps you would like to allow during lockout.¬† The strictest is the lock screen mode only, which only allows the use of the lock screen.¬† You can still answer calls or call emergency numbers in lock screen mode only.¬†¬†¬† Usage-based lockout¬†¬† Set rules that trigger an automatic lockout based on your device usage.¬† With usage-based lockout enabled, total screen time, app usage, and number of unlocks will be monitored.¬† You can set usage rules that can trigger a lockout based on the total screen time, the time spent in specific apps, the number of open apps, or the number of device openings.¬† Rules of use can only be scheduled at specific times.¬†¬†¬† Schedule lockout¬†¬† Set up a lockout that repeats regularly on schedule.¬† You can select additional options for start and end times, weekdays, lockout mode, and each scheduled lockout.

One time lockout¬†¬† Quickly start a one-time lockout for today.¬† You can customize the duration, lock up to a specific time, or schedule a lockout later.¬†¬†¬† Lockout options¬†¬† Each lockout has its own configuration options.¬† Lockout can turn on Do No Disturb (DND), mute the ringer, block websites, or start lockouts only at selected physical locations.¬† DND helps us overcome periodic barriers that affect our focus, productivity and mental health.¬† Very important¬† Restricting lockouts to specific physical locations can disrupt apps at school, gym, or anywhere.¬† Website blocker works well when you don’t want to block the entire browser app.¬†¬†¬† Additional settings¬†¬† There are many additional options on the settings screen to fix the app to your liking.¬†¬†¬† Premium version¬†¬† The premium version allows unlimited number of lockouts (5 free), unlimited apps (10 free), unlimited number of websites (5 free), and unlimited number of locations (5 free).¬† Please consider upgrading to Premium to support future development!

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