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TV series and movies on the history of Islamic and Turkish culture

In the Makki TV app, we will provide you with TV series and movies that will depict the history of Islamic and Turkish culture. In these series and movies you will see that throughout history how Muslims fought against the Roman Empire and how they conquered and ended the 1500 year old Empire.
In this Makki TV series you will also learn about the cultural values ​​of the Muslims living in that period and also how justice and moral values ​​exalted Muslims. The most important series are Dirilis Ertugul, Kurulus Osman, Mehmetcik, Payitaht Abdulhamid, which you can watch and enjoy on Makki TV.

Dirilis Ertugul and Kurulus Osman are the series that shows the rise of the Ottomans against the Roman Empire. Dirilis ertugrul is a series that shows the struggle of a Turkish tribe and its leader Ertugul who is the father of Osman I the founder of the Ottoman Empire in this series he fought against evil within and without to stabilize his tribe, this series has 5 seasons that have been completed on the Turkish channel and will be available on the Makki TV app.

In Kurulus Osman they have shown that how the Ottoman Empire was founded and the fight of Osman I that is currently broadcasting its first season and its last episode will be available on the Makki TV application. In Mehmetick and Payitaht Abdulhamid they have shown the fall of the Ottoman Empire during World War II and how Sultan Abdul Hamid II tackles the conspiracies against the Ottoman Empire which was on the brink of collapse. Payitaht Abdulhamid is still airing on TV and its fourth season is currently airing, you can watch the first season on the Makki TV app.

We will upload the next seasons shortly in the Makki TV app. As time goes by, we will upload more content for you to watch and learn about Islamic history and culture.

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