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Magic effects on video maker, pop style photo frames, music, and video    Moments is a video maker and photo frame app to make your every moment special with magical 2D-3D effects.  Everyone knows that life is a journey with a mixture of emotions.  Emotions like love, passion, thrill, imagination, anger, fear, loneliness and much more.  Everyone goes through such emotional stages of life and it depends on how we manifest and enlighten ourselves in different emotional stages.  Moments are a great way to show off your life’sjourney with creative videos and photos.

We assure you that you will stand out among all your friends on social media.  Just download the app and start creating your magic effects videos and photos.  You can share them anywhere with one tap and tell the world how good you are!    Take a look at app features …    * Photo frame and 2D-3D magic effects   The app offers cute and unique photo frames that are perfect for any occasion or day to day life.  Also each photo frame includes the best matching 2D-3D magic effects.    App, Love, Dreamland, Birthday, Rose, Kids, Peacock, Emo, Celebrity (Flower Field), Guerrilla, Fruit & Lemon, Sakura, Garden, Music, Rasta, Beach, Autumn, Winter (Christmas), Royal  , Including photo frames.  Speech bubble, imagination and humor.    Magical effects include water lily effect, snowfall, dance frames and …   heart Comet, lips, clouds, beautiful animals, flowers, broken hearts, cut, fruit pieces, road signs, smiles, stars and humorous words.   • Flying butterflies, birds, flies, angels, Santa Claus, parachutes, balloons and rockets.   3D 3D path of falling petals, leaves, feathers, water droplets and ice flakes.   gl Spread glitter, bubbles, spray paint and fireballs.    * video   Moments allows you to record video with numerous customization features …

You can choose the default video length (maximum 60 seconds).   You can choose the quality of the video by considering the free storage space on your device.   .  You can record mute videos.   During video recording,   – You can change the camera from front to back and vice versa.   – You can change the photo frame.   – You can disable / enable magic effects.    Music and funny videos   The app offers MP3 video audio file to sync with video.  You can import the audio (song or dialogue) file into the app, preview the audio file, and select the starting point from which the audio should be synchronized.  This way you can create your own unique collection of music and funny videos.    Photo Video on photo   You can create a video on your beautiful image either by capturing the image using the app or by importing the image from your device’s storage.  You can synchronize music with frames and their effects.    * Image   You can capture photos directly from the app, which fits perfectly into the photo frame.  The app also provides a number of image authoring features …   photo After capturing or importing the image,   – You can zoom in and out of the photo   – You can rotate the photo on 360 rot.    • PIP style (image in image) video and image   Selected photo frames include a PIP style camera effect with two camera layers, a matte finish and a crystal clear.  It gives you a brand new and amazing experience for your photos and videos, whether it’s a selfie or a rear camera.    * Friendly design   We assure you that you have a cool UI and UX experience while using the app.  All features are accessible with just one tap.   • The app gives you a better UI experience with its 2 UI themes (1) White (2) Black.   ہے Automatically saves your content in the app storage.  It creates separate folders for photos and videos.    The app is perfect for selfies, couples and groups, as well as covering life and cultural events such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, festivals, seasons and more.  So, enjoy the app and celebrate your life in a colorful way.    Your suggestions are very valuable to us, so don’t forget to leave a comment after using the application.

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