My photo 3d live wallpaper apk download

Enjoy your photos in 3D on home and lock screens with this great live wallpaper

My Photo in 3D Live Wallpaper is a free customizable application that you can use as an animated wallpaper on home and lock screens, and it is compatible with any android device or android mobile phone. You can display your photos, logos or images in an original way and with an incredible and wonderful screen effect.

With this magnificent app you can set your photos, those of your children, or your pet or loved ones, the logo of your favorite sports team, or any photo you want to appear on your screen for free and with a very low resource and battery consumption. You can use the application as a logo maker, creating your unique logo, and you can set your favorite brands or music groups as wallpaper or any image you have in your photo gallery or can photograph. You can also add photographic frames and filters.


How to use (Instructions for use):

– Select an image or photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera (you can take a selfie if you prefer). This is done in the “Select image” menu, which you can access from the icon at the top left, or in the preferences menu in “Select image”.

– Once you have selected the image you can crop it in square, circular or rectangular shape. Square shape is recommended to better apply the frames later.

– Once you have cropped the part of the image you want, you can save the image and it will automatically be set as a 3D image on the main screen. (If you select an image from your gallery, the original image/photo will not be modified)

– You can set the live wallpaper from the preferences menu. You can choose between setting it on the home screen or both on the home screen and on the lock screen. Also add frames and filters to the picture.

– On the main screen you can change the filters by long pressing on the 3D cube image. You can also change the frames by double clicking. Try them all, you will love them!!!

– In addition, in the image selection screen you can manage your photos, modify them, crop them again, change the name of the files…

– You can make a video of the result and send it to your friends and contacts through the social network or messaging application that you prefer.

In the preferences menu you can customize the application even more:


✅ Access the photo selection and editing menu.

✅ Select the photographic filter that you like the most.

✅ Change the photo frame.

✅ Change the transparency of the picture.

✅ Enable or disable 3D cube interactivity.

✅ Modify the speed of the 3D effect

✅ Record a video of the 3D effect. You can add voice or music if you want.

✅ Show the videos you have recorded, manage them and share them with whomever you want.

✅ Set the LWP as background.

* All images in the app were made by ourselves or purchased from and are licensed to allow us to use them in our app.


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