Name ringtone maker MyNameTone

Here is my name calling app. This enables you to create your own name ringtone. It comes with many voice options like male and female voices. You can use this app to create your own name tone with different languages ​​and sounds.

About the many sound options: In the Ringtones screen, select and customize your sound. After selecting your option, click the Play button to check the result ring.

About languages: The app currently supports two languages, Hamdi and English. To change the language, click on the language drop-down menu and select the desired option.

If you want to announce the names of your callers. You need to create a ringtone for your caller name. When done, adjust it one by one according to your caller.

About permission: No permission is required to create and save a ringtone. You can also test what you do. Click “Play” to test. However, configuring the ringtone directly from the application requires permission to modify the system configuration.
And contact permission is required to set the ringtone on a particular contact. (You can set the ringtone directly from your phone’s main settings without this permission. You can always disable this app’s permissions via the settings page.)

How to create custom ringtones: Click the Add button on the Ringtones Creation page. Choose your language and add text. Go back to the previous page and use the custom text as the ringtone.
If you have any problems using our application, you can contact us at any time.


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