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Best Collection of Pashto Naats:

This app (Pashto Naats) includes about 350 Audio naats.
Pashto Naats requires internet connection for listening Naats.
If you want to listen to your favorite Naat or Aeritst then please mention in comments.
Dont forget to pray for us.

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(Artist) Naat Khawans Includes:
Hafiz Abdul Hameed Pakhto Naatona
Asmatullah Jarar Pashto Naats
Hafiz Fahad Shah Naats
Hafiz Farooq Sabir

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Hidayat Shah Sayal
Jamil Fani Pashto Naats
Nasrullah Baba Natoona
Nazia Iqbal Naats
Sanan Ahmad Mashoom
Shan yousafzai
Hafiz Sohail Ahmed Mashoom
Umar Hayat Durani
Zulfiqar Mujahid Naatona
Mixed naats

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Listen to Pashto Khwaga Natona or Pashto Naats

This app Pashto Naatona or Naats contains huge number of Videos naats. The Pashto Khwaga Natona is composed of a huge number videos with HD quality audio Naats.

App Features are:
– All Videos Songs
– Nice layouts
– Category The Pashto Khwaga Naat
– The Pashto Khwaga Natona with male and female category in completely pashto


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