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Picco is a great alarm clock with a simple idea, it has been as annoying and difficult to ignore as it can be. This application has been designed to be easy to set up but also powerful enough that you can have a smart alarm clock that can do amazing things like recognize simple objects like toothbrushes, shoes, other objects and animals, recognize smiles in a picture to you have to. wake up smiling, even by force, or just solving puzzles like math equations, memory games, and sequencing to stop the alarm.

You can customize this alarm clock any way you want, including:

Add challenges

This alarm clock comes with many challenges (such as puzzles, games, taking pictures, and more to come) that gives you tasks so that you can’t turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

You can also add multiple challenges to your alarm, that way, when the alarm starts, random challenges will be assigned to the alarm when you try to turn it off. That way, you won’t get bored with the same challenge that pops up all the time.

Some of the tasks you can add to your alarm are:

Image challenge

Using machine learning and other nerdy things, this app has learned to recognize a preselected list of objects and prevent you from turning off the alarm until you take a photo of the preselected objects or animals.

For example, do you always forget to drink water? Add a challenge to take a photo of a mug when it triggers, so when it starts, you have to stand up and drink water

Smile Challenge

It’s that simple, you have to wake up with a big smile, a big one, and take a selfie. If you don’t show all your teeth to the camera, the alarm will never go off. The joke book is really recommended for this challenge.

Memory game

The classic memory game you used to play on flash websites. Set the board with the number of cards you want and when the alarm starts, match the pairs on the board until all the pairs are found and then the alarm will go off.

Equation Challenge

If you think waking up early is annoying, imagine waking up early having to solve a math problem. Happily that’s the case 😁. Choose from levels of math problems to solve when the alarm goes off and fry your brain trying to find the right number.

Sequence game

Complete this puzzle by tapping the shapes on the screen in the same order they glow. Don’t worry if you don’t remember everything at first, the alarm can repeat the sequence as many times as you like.


Turn off replay so you have to complete challenges or change the duration of the replay to a very short one so you don’t have time to rest.


Don’t you like your phone vibrating like crazy when you wake up? Neither do I, that’s why you have the option to turn off the alarm vibration and just listen to the beautiful ringtone.


Choose from your favorite downloaded songs or your phone ringtones to wake up and set the volume you want the media to play.

Soft Wake

The medium you choose will gently increase the volume until the sound you set so as not to frighten you when you wake up.


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