PM Ehsas Program

The “Mazdoor-Ka-Ehsaas” initiative, one of the pillars of the government’s social protection and poverty alleviation program, Ehsaas, is a priority. Mazdoor-Ka-Ehsaas aims to develop social protection measures for workers in the informal sector.

Various policy measures have been passed for the welfare of Pakistani workers abroad under supervision.

A sense program

                                                       لګ لاندې په سور click here نېشان باندې کلک کړې

• KPK Ehsaas Program
• A sense of support program
• Balochistan Sense Program
• AJK IEhsaas Program
• Gilgit Baltistan Sense Program
• Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sense Program

The Ehsas Program gives you a monthly income of 12K eligible people. This app provider has a registered action and gives you the details of your application. This is the best application for the poor.


• Register your application.
• Check your order details.
• The procedure for registering your order via SMS.
• Procedures for registering your application through the website.

Ehsaas is one of the best apps for soft version April 2020. This app provides you 100% correct information. You can apply your request through this application.

This app is about to help the poor and needy people who need money in this situation. But some rules that must be followed by receiving funds.

Ehsas program is the entire territory of Pakistan. There are no set rules for all sections.

Note: This is not an official app.

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