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Pashto movies

Pashto Movies application is for Pashto art and literature lovers.

The app broadcasts Hindi, English, Tamil, Chinese, Afghan serials and cartoons for its fans.

Our application is made up of 10 sections.

1: The first part is made for all the movies.

2: The second part is made for Bollywood movies.

3: The third part is made for Tamil films.

4: The fourth part is made for English films.

5: The fifth part is made for Chinese movies.

6: The sixth part is made for drama.

7: Episode 7 made for Afghan films.

8: Episode 8 made for cartoons.

9: Episode 9 Made for TV Live.

10: The tenth part is made for messages.

Fans of Pashto translation movies, you should follow all the guidelines and policies of our application


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