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Quotes in Urdu Offline_Quotes Collection in Urdu is Offline Applications of Urdu Quotes

Quotes in Urdu Offline_Quotes Collection in Urdu is Offline Apps of Urdu Quotes. Here you will read the famous Urdu quotes with pictures in a beautiful design that can suit all aspects of life. In this application you can find the best quotes in urdu.

Emotions need words to express themselves, and the words are provided in the form of beautiful Urdu quotes with pictures. The right words are essential to express your true feelings can be verses from renowned poets selected and submitted by online users, or from the creative minds of users husband wife islamic truth best islamic quotes in urdu text sms offline for status WhatsApp Photo with Pictures serves this purpose perfectly well by providing a wide range of poetic verses for dedicated users. It is mandatory for all Muslims to recite 2020 biggest collection of pretty Islamic Quran images in urdu sms here in this app.

  • This urdu dating app for offline status contains over 45 quotes from famous people in urdu including:
    1. World famous people quotes in Urdu
    2. Hazrat Ali quotes in urdu sms offline
    3. Hazrat abu bakar quotes in urdu
    4. quotes from hazrat umar in urdu
    5. Hazrat Usman Quotes in Urdu
    6. Hazrat Imam Hassan Quotes in Urdu
    7. Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A Quotes in Urdu
    8. Abdul Kalam Quotes in Urdu
    9. Abdul sattar edhi quotes in urdu
    10. Abraham Lincoln quotes in Urdu
    11. Abu Rayhan Al Biruni quotes in Urdu
    12. Abu Yahya Quotes in Urdu
    13. albert einstein quotes in urdu
    14. Allama iqbal quotes Quotes in Urdu
    15. Arastu quotes in Urdu
    16. Ashfaq ahmed dating in urdu
    17. Baba Guru Nanak Quotes in Urdu
    18. qudsia bathroom quotes in urdu
    19. bill gates quotes in urdu
    20. Boo Ali Seena Quotes in Urdu
    21. BOXER MUHAMMAD ALI Quotes in Urdu
    22. Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah Quotes in Urdu
    23. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Quotes in Urdu
    24. Hazrat Essa A.S Quotes in Urdu
    25. Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq R.A Quotes in Urdu
    26. Hazrat junaid bagdadi Quotes in Urdu
    27. Hazrat Suleman A.S Quotes in Urdu
    28. Imam Ghazali Quotes in Urdu
    29. Quotes from imran khan in urdu
    30. jalaluddin rumi quotes in urdu
    31. khalil gibran quotes in urdu
    32. Khwaja Garib Nawaz Quotes in Urdu
    33. Mark Zuckerberg quotes in Urdu
    34. Nelson mandela quotes in urdu
    35. Qasim ali shah Quotes in Urdu
    36. Quotes quaid e azam in urdu
    37. Saadat hasan cloak quotes in urdu
    38. Sandeep maheshwari Quotes in Urdu
    39. Shakespeare Quotes in Urdu
    40. Sheikh Saadi Quotes in Urdu
    41. Socrates quotes in Urdu
    42. Stives Job Quotes in Urdu
    43. Tariq Jameel Quotes in Urdu
    44. Umera Ahmad Quotes in Urdu
    45. wasif ali wasif urdu quotes
    46. ​​che guevara quotes in urdu
    47. joker quotes in urdu

This app also contains more than 30 urdu dating topics with picture. and many more urdu quotes for whatsapp offline.
1. Deep word quotes in Urdu
2. Famous quotes in Urdu
3. Forgiveness quotes in Urdu
4. islamic quotes in urdu for whatsapp dp status
5. love quotes in urdu
6. motivational quotes in urdu sms text offline
7. Parents quotes in Urdu
8. Sabar quotes in Urdu
9. sad love quotes in urdu
10. sibling quotes in urdu
11. couple dating in urdu
12. educational quotes in urdu
13. emotional dating in urdu
14. funny urdu quotes with pictures
15.Girls Attitude Dating in Urdu Offline
16. good morning quotes in urdu
17. touching quotes in urdu
18. heartbroken dating in urdu
19. jumma mubarak quotes in urdu
20. best life-changing quotes in urdu
21. maa dating in urdu
22. Namaz quotes in urdu
23. Urdu novel quotes
24. one line dating in urdu
25. positive thinking quotes in urdu
26. Urdu psychology quotes
27. Daily Quran Quotes in Urdu
28. rain quotes in urdu
29. respect urdu quotes
30. romantic dating in urdu
31. sad quotes in urdu for status
32. Zindagi Quotes in Urdu

  • This includes 3 quotes from famous countries in urdu for offline status
    1. Arabic quotes in Urdu
    2. Chinese quotes in Urdu
    3. Turkish quotes in Urdu

Note: All quotes used in this app are for educational purposes only, so if you like this app please give us a 5 star rating.


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