Ramadan 2021apk download

Ramadan and Prayer Time Schedule

Ramadan 2021 App has been contained world wide Prayer time, alarm, Ramadan time schedule , 99 name of allaha, full Quran with audio, Quran surat,, Qibla direction, and Tasbi.

This app is usable for all countries.

Prayer and Ramadan time schedule will be dependent on your state or city

You can search for states or cities of a specific country.

Ramadan 2021 all time take from aladhan.com

and all surah audio collected from tauheed-sunnat.com and github.com/semarketir

If you Install and app settings properly, you can use it in offline till one year.

If you wont to change your state or city, you have to change app settings.

App feature work:

Prayer Time :

– Show Five Wakt Salat time Fajr, Dhuhr, Asor, Magrib and Isha.

– Prayer Times app popup show next date salat wakt, salat time.

– Prayer time app or namaz time app every day get todays salat time schedule in Home screen

Ramadan Time

-Ramadan Time Table all

-Ramadan calendar app everyday update marker and you can click and popup screen and see next day and previous day ramadan time.


-Prayer time alert with salat alarm azan. Everyday notify you salat time.

-If you want you can change Salat alarm time. Everyday alarm specify time.

Quran Surat:

-quran surah with audio. here have Necessary Qura Surah.

– You can play and push audio

Qibla Compass:

– Islamic compass degree change in your Live position

– You can qibla direction with qibla compass

– Find Mecca Direction from the any part of the world


– You can use tasbi counting with button press.

99 Name of Allah:

– 99 name of Allah with English


– 114 Quran with audio

– Arabic Audio all Quran

Islamic Wallpaper

– You can get Unlimited Islamic wallpaper free


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