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Record your call with Record My Call

  Open the application from this link

RMC – Record My Call has the basic purpose of recording all your calls (incoming and outgoing). Please note that due to the limitation of the Android phone (hardware and software), this program can only record from the microphone. Turn on the speaker during conversation to get a clear voice from the other side. All conversations are recorded in the “RecordMyCall” file on the memory card. Use the loudspeaker for better recording quality during the call.


  • Check “Show notification” or turn off “Stealth mode” in the settings if your call is split into a couple of files.

• Enter your access code in the **** format in the dialer application. This code will open the RMC application when you choose stealth mode. You can uninstall and reinstall the application to reset the password. It won’t delete your recording, but you need to configure the app again.


  • Record all incoming and outgoing calls in automatic and manual mode

• Mobile manual record button

• Supports two folders to save recordings (unclassified and important)

• Advanced search with many options to find recordings

• Automatic filter recording based on ‘Known number’, ‘Unknown number’ and selected contacts (incoming / outgoing call)

• Advance renaming recording files

• Show / hide recording notification

• Automatic deletion of the recording if it does not reach a certain time (optional)

• Show review after call (optional)

• Supports mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav audio formats

• Customizable channel (mono / stereo), sample rate and bit rate

• Increase volume (multiply the audio input) with mp3 format

• Automatic cleaning of unclassified recordings for a certain time (optional)

• Supports trash folder to avoid accidental deletion

• Automatically delete trash regularly

• Change the recording start folder

• Backup and restore settings

• Supports 4-digit access code

• Completely hide the application (recording without interruptions)

• Play the recording in the background (the recording still plays when the start button is pressed)

• Automatic upload to Dropbox or Google Drive in the background


Currently the application does not work on some phones. Please go to my website for phone compatibility ( before installing. You can also download the apk from the same website if the link is not provided by Android Market.


Excuse me:

• Read phone status: detect incoming + outgoing calls

• Record audio: record call

• Read contacts: filter the contact (recorded or not) + Rename the file based on the contact name

• Read / Write Storage: Store recording files to USB storage or SD card

• Google account: upload recordings to Google Drive for backup

• Internet connection: upload recordings to Google Drive + Dropbox for backup

• Bluetooth: different action if the phone is connected to Bluetooth

• Avoid sleeping: avoid failed recording for long calls

• Change audio settings: turn on the speaker by option

The new interface is only available for ICS and later versions.

Thanks for the translators


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