Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo apk

The suspicion is now Reface 🎭 We changed our name, now you can start changing faces.

Reface is the # 1 face sharing program
Let’s get to that point. Reface is the most highly rated, fun, and weird face-sharing app. Our Futuristic AI has never been featured on Forbes, Mashable, TNW և Digital Trends. With lots of original videos, gifs, photos և images updated daily, you can make ridiculously realistic face sharing videos և gifs with just one selfie. Reface will blow your mind when you change your face, change it with celebrities, become a new image from popular TV and movie clips. Be a witch or a pop star. Become famous by changing your face with trendy movies, TV shows, or have fun replacing your face with memes using our face editor և face transformation technology, as Reface is one of the best meme makers in the world.

Wait, what is a face exchange?
Face-sharing technology is more than just face-sharing. With Reface’s unique face-sharing AI, your selfie maps another face with the most gorgeous realistic egg you’ve ever seen, with expressive facial expressions and gestures that really look like you. With our special RefaceAI you can see what your face looks like in star roles, in celebrity videos, etc. How do we do that? If we had told you, we would have killed you, but you should know that the results are absolutely amazing.

“If you want to show genuinely cursed GIFs to your friends and family, give it a try. We are not responsible if they separate from you. ” – Mashable:

Change your face
Destroy reality. Intimidate friends. Mess with colleagues. Stick your face on your favorite superhero, TV star, celebrity or gif meme և Share it on social media or with friends as a video, photo or gif. Change your gender, transform your faces և make advanced face-exchange mixes with our state-of-the-art AI face changer, then share your creations with the world և blow their minds.

This is what you can do with Reface.
– Exchange your face with celebrities or movie characters with our amazing face exchange technology.
– Play face-to-face exchanges, gender exchanges.
– Surprise with a face changer.
– Share your amazing face-sharing video or funny memes as gifs or video messengers և on social media.
– Try face exchanges with new videos and gifs posted every day.

Top 5 apps in 100+ countries
Formerly Duplicate, Reface is recognized as a leading face-sharing application in more than 100 countries. Reface is powered by RefaceAI, the state-of-the-art with the next-generation AI / ML face-sharing technology, according to Forbes, Mashable, TNW and Digital Trends.

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