Repair system phone for android Apk download

All in One tool Repair System Phone For Android

Repair System Phone for Android app helps you Fix Android Problems and Speed up your phone, all in one app, ram booster free up memory, junk files cleaner clean your phone and free up space memory, phone cooler cool your CPU by closing running apps in background, manage your apps uninstall backup or share with friends, fix android problems ui system and others, and finally battery saver which make you choose between three mode of use.

Fix system problems or repair system, get memory space keeps your device safe from system errors and boot. Repair System Phone for Android will make your mobile phone Clean safe and stable and with high performance as it was before

Our app all one tool is amazing to fix your phone problems. error fixer, clear junk files, clean up your phone, save and clean space.

RAM Booster:

One Tap speed up your phone by freeing up RAM, all system services will remain running while unused apps will be closed. You will notice how much faster your device will be after such a boost.

Junk Clean:

Free up your storage space by removing junk, residual and cache files which slows down your phone. This tool is safe it won’t touch your personal data.

CPU Cooler:

If your device is heating this tool will find out what apps load your CPU the most and stop them. This function also helps to extend battery stamina.

App Manager:

Uninstall, backup and share your installed app, this tool easy to use helps you find all installed apps, search bar has been added to make search easy.

System Repair:

This function is most use by users, we improve it so it can repair your ui system or fix problems in a smart way, detect and fix errors easily and faster.

Battery Saver:

This tool allows you to switch between three modes: normal, long and extra-long mode. Especially when you are traveling and you not caring a charger, this tool will safe your battery energy so you can use your phone longer.


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