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There is a great list of skins that you can unlock for free for your Mobile Legends game accounts. However, these cannot be reversed or removed from accounts. But you can change them or use other costumes and heroes instead of removing them.

We have provided the latest version of Skin Injector Apk here on this page. If you are interested, you can download it for your mobile phones. Go to the end of this article where you will get the direct download link for the new updated app.

What is Skin Injector?

Skin Injector is one of the boons for those who love Mobile Legends Skins to unlock them for free. This application has all the skins, heroes and characters that you can find in the game.

So you don’t need to spend diamonds or pay a large amount of money for it. However, while it is unethical, we do not encourage anyone here to use these types of applications.

This ML Skin Injector can be easily operated on all kinds of Android smartphones and tablets. But you should know that this will work on that device where you can run the game without problems.

Fortunately, the game is also compatible with most low-end devices. Therefore, I am sure that you are not going to face such problems at all. So, download the Apk and install it on your phones.

This is a third party app that is publicly available and you can use it without paying money. However, there are some paid skins that are quite expensive in the game that you cannot unlock through this tool.

There are about 10 or 12 more expensive costumes and heroes that you cannot unlock through ML Skin Injector. But maybe in future updates the officers will provide those costumes too.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a 5v5 mobile game that has over 1 billion players from around the world. Therefore, it has a huge list of users and paid products are its main aids through which it generates income.

Therefore, it is illegal and unethical to use these types of tools at all times. If you are a big fan of this mega platform, you should look for legal sources to buy the desired things.

Skin injector details

NameSkin InjectorDeveloperUnknownPackage Namecom.atph.spSize6.55 MBPriceFreeVersionv1.3Required Android4.4 and Up

  1. Mobile Legends Hero List
  2. Tank
  3. Fighter
  4. Assassin
  5. Wizard
  6. Support for
  7. New ML character roster
  8. Tank:
  9. Belerick
  10. Emerald
  11. Frank
  12. Khufra
  13. Lolita
  14. Masha
  15. Minotaur
  16. Tigreal
  17. Uranus
  18. Gatotkaca
  19. Grock
  20. Akai
  21. Atlas
  22. Balmond
  23. Baxia
  24. Hilda
  25. Hylos
  26. Johnson
  27. Fighter:
  28. Aldous
  29. Alpha
  30. Alucard
  31. Argus
  32. Badang
  33. Balmond
  34. Perdition
  35. Chou
  36. Dyrroth
  37. Freya
  38. Geneva
  39. Hilda
  40. Mandible
  41. Kaja
  42. Lapu-Lapu
  43. Leomord
  44. Martis
  45. Masha
  46. Minsitthar
  47. Roger
  48. Ruby
  49. Silvanna
  50. Sun
  51. Thamuz
  52. Terizla
  53. X.Borg
  54. Zilong
  55. Assassin:
  56. Alucard
  57. Cone
  58. Gusion
  59. Hanzo
  60. Hayabusa
  61. Helcurt
  62. Karina
  63. Lancelot
  64. Lapu-Lapu
  65. Lesley
  66. Pout
  67. Natalie
  68. Saber
  69. Selena
  70. Yi Sun-Shin
  71. Zilong
  72. Wizard:
  73. Alicia
  74. dawn
  75. Cecilion
  76. Cyclops
  77. Emerald
  78. Eudora
  79. Faramis
  80. Gord
  81. Geneva
  82. Gusion
  83. Harith
  84. Harley
  85. Kadita
  86. Kagura
  87. Karina
  88. Kimmy
  89. Lunox
  90. Luo Yi
  91. Lylia
  92. Nana
  93. Odette
  94. Pharsa
  95. Selena
  96. Silvanna
  97. Valley
  98. Valid
  99. Vexana
  100. Zhask
  101. Sniper:
  102. Bruno
  103. Claude
  104. Clint
  105. Farmer
  106. Hanabi
  107. Irithel
  108. Karrie
  109. Kimmy
  110. Layla
  111. Lesley
  112. Miya
  113. Moskov
  114. Popol and Kupa
  115. Roger
  116. Wanwan
  117. Yi Sun-Shin
  118. Support for:
  119. Angela
  120. Carmilla
  121. Diggie
  122. Estes
  123. Faramis
  124. Kaja
  125. Lolita
  126. Minotaur
  127. Nana
  128. Rafaela

How to use Skin Injector?

I have mentioned that huge list of skins that can be unlocked through this app. So there is a process through which you can unlock those costumes.

Therefore, all of the above is available for free directly in the software. So you just need to inject them into your gaming account through the process that I have shared with you.

First of all, you need to install the Apk file from this page. Later, launch that application on your device where you will see a categorization of all the heroes and their characters.

There you can select the desired hero, character and his appearance. It will take a few seconds to inject the costume into the game. Therefore, you must wait patiently.

Screenshots of the application

How to download Skin Injector Apk?

It is a simple task and you can only get it from this page. Apkoll is the only platform where you can download those apps and games that are not available anywhere else.

So, go to the end of the article and there you will get a direct download link. Tap that link or button and get your favorite ML skin hacking app.

Skin Injector ML Password

Here is the password below for Skin Injector ML to unlock its features and the entire application.



This is one of the latest ML skin injection tools or apps that works on Android mobile phones.

If you are interested in using this on your phones, you can get its Apk from here and install it on your phones. So, download the new version Skin Injector for your Android mobile phones.

Bookmark our Apkoll site for more Android apps and games. Also share this article with your friends if you like the app.

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