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Skull Dial – simple dialer

Best Dialer App

To help you manage your calls quickly the Phone app also supports favorite contacts and creating shortcuts of any contact on the home screen.

Skull Dial add’s another shortcut to your phone that opens the stock dial-pad directly.

Skull Dial gives teams a single place to stay connected with a business communication platform that supports every kind of conversation. Whether sales or support, 1: 1 or group meeting, Skull Dial offers a solution that makes it easier to make smart calls both in and outside your business.

A lightweight app for handling your calls, no matter where are you. Comes with a handy call log for easy call initiation.

There is a quick dialpad at your service too, with smart contact suggestions. It supports letters too.

You can easily block phone numbers to avoid unwanted incoming calls.

Supported Speed ​​dialing makes calling your favorite contacts with this true phone a breeze.

It comes with material design and dark theme by default, provides great user experience for easy usage. The lack of internet access gives you more privacy, security and stability than other apps.

Rock skull head street graffiti theme and color inkjet skull icon hip hop skull


Welcome to the death rock skull color theme. This is the wonderful application for your cool smartphone. Fashion rock hip hop skeleton death graffiti theme design cool color evil skull rock singer HD lock screen high definition wallpaper and background hip hop graffiti death rock, classic fashion trend phone theme sexy skull and very cool for kids mobile phone theme like sturdy boys death! Rock and roll talk skull hip hop style is leading the fashion trend to make your Android phone run smoother, smarter, and at the same time give you the perfect experience … Rock Death Hip Hop Street Hip theme -hop is the newest topic.
Weather decoration is 3D graffiti street art inkjet skull theme elements, live wallpaper and with cool 3D animation transitions, the fashion trend street art wallpaper makes it a classic graffiti theme, so it seems not very good?
The theme of painted skull skull and flower graffiti and beautiful skull graffiti decoration to enhance the rock inkjet style. We have 56 specially designed color graffiti style app icons, all with hand painted finish. Advanced 3D graffiti wall design, street graffiti creator inspired me to complete free Skeleton King theme. If you like hip-hop themes or hip-hop rock themes and rock skull themes, you will love this beautiful and colorful skull theme and it will surprise you. Other icons will have red monsters and red-eyed skulls and red roses to decorate. Brick and floor art design on the streets of cool art walls, sprayed paint on the wall, color spray splatter, graffiti wall depicting a unique wonderful horror monster skull, consistent with the icon style, so it looks great, I love it so much, hope you can like it.
Weather widgets designed with rock monster clock parts and graffiti.

★ contact interface and call interface Rock and roll skull graffiti background, call button is cool graffiti skull art designed for street art lovers, search box with color graffiti style and theme integration of skeleton graffiti.

★ Includes street graffiti rock skull lock screen, with cool skull graffiti app lock, support for right slide unlock and slide unlock, fast camera and loading status icon

To use this theme, you can follow these steps as follows:

  1. . Download and install the theme;
    . Install the CM transmitter desktop;
    . Launch the theme desktop, go to “Theme – My”, open the theme and apply it to your phone.

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You can also DIY wallpaper or theme there, replace your bad wallpaper with whatever you want avant-garde or modern or cute or luxurious wallpaper.
If you want us to make a special DIY wallpaper skin, you just need to contact us by email to have more gold wallpaper and pink icons. Street art music element graffiti theme, hand painted rock music wallpaper and beautiful street art graffiti theme icon to get a colorful graffiti style theme. Get this graffiti art theme now for free!
The theme of this beautiful 3D skull graffiti is a safe launch of the CM launch theme. You need to install the CM release correctly to apply it. We currently do not support the GO desktop. Street art graffiti starter theme for you to become a freelance or street art leader! More DIY holiday theme to celebrate Halloween and Christmas festivals. I hope you enjoy your stay at our golden start at home. At the same time, we can also offer more basketball and football themes, if you like.


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