Time lapse camera Apk download

Time Spirit – the unique application for creating Time Lapse.

Time Spirit – the unique application for creating Time Lapse, using it you can create stunning videos and publish them on YouTube in a couple of clicks.

Time Lapse is a fast playback of slow processes that aren’t usually noticeable to the eye.

Photo Lapse is a new kind of Time Lapse, which we invented for long-term processes that last from 1 day to an infinite amount of time. This clip consist of the photos, that depict the changing object.

Photo Lapse is perfect for shooting:

– the physical form changes (weight loss progress or set of muscle mass, pregnancy process);

– the building;

– flower growth, etc.

Since this technology has just appeared, then you have chance to surprise everyone with your own Photo Lapse video.

Video Lapse – we use this name for the normal Time Lapse in the application to avoid confusion in concepts. This technology is suitable for events for up to 1 day.

Video Lapse perfect for shooting:

– Sky (the Northern Lights, passing clouds, the night sky);

– Bustle of the city, etc.

The night time lapse is a time lapse in which you can edit the ISO and the shooting is done with a high shutter speed (Long Exposure). This kind of timelapse allows you to achieve a beautiful effect when shooting at night.

The advantages of the application:

– Ability to add your favorite music in the Timelapse

– Simple and intuitive interface without loss of important features.

– There are top of the best videos.

– Opportunity to add music to the Photo Lapse.

– At the moment it’s completely free, no ads in the application.

– Your camera will become more perfect.


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