Vedio ringtone Apk download

Love video Ringtone for incoming call and romantic video ringtone

Video Ringtone for Incoming Call is the latest and most amazing feature that has come up on all application for those who got bored by old traditional incoming patterns.

You can set here your own videos as Incoming Video Caller ID with full screen video playing. Video Ringtone For Incoming Call Screen for incoming calls with amazing call alert. Beautiful, stylish and customized caller screen themes.

Using full-screen love and Couple video ringtone for the incoming app when anyone calling you will ring at that time display video with caller id on the screen so using that you can easily identify.Video Ringtone for Incoming Call app after setting up selective favorite video on incoming call will be shown up on every call you will receive.


Set Different Themes as your Incoming Call Id.

You can Enable or Disable the Video Ringtone function.

Set Profile Themes as your Incoming Call Id.

You can activate both or any incoming and outgoing call screen.

Set Background With Video.

Default Video for all contacts.

Easy Set Video Ringtone for Incoming Call.

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