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Do you want a soft and catchy voice to sing and a great sound to share with your friends? Voice Changer – Music Recorder is the best app to change your voice and music with more than 25 sound effects. It is fast, convenient, easy to use and can create interesting and funny sound effects.

Record your voice in high quality, apply effects, enjoy listening to your converted voice and share it with your friends, this app also supports uploading music or other audio files from your devices to apply voice change effects. You can change your voice to girl, boy, robot and various other voices to shock your friends. Let’s edit the sound with custom parameters and enjoy the best sound effects now!

***Key Features***

★ Edit sounds after recording, the best sound effects for singing:
– Enhance your voice with karaoke effects.
– Sound editing like a pro with music studio effects: adjust echo, reverb and midrange
– Adjust your voice tone and sing like a star
★ Funny sound effects to annoy your friends or just record songs with funny sounds:
– Change your recording to girl voice (adjust female level) or boy voice (adjust male level) to control your friends.
– Advanced girl voice effects with girl voice, soft and tone adjustment.
– Advanced boy voice effects with male, pitch and tone settings.
– Funny sound effects like chipmunks, babies, bees and more!
★ Listen to music with amazing sound effects:
– You are tired of normal boring music, you can change music balance, adjust, enhance, insert girl or boy voice for more fun. Let them enjoy their free time and even better from stress
– Professional music effects by adjusting bass, reverb, treble and midrange help you listen to music with better experiences.
– Speed changer with speed and step adjustment
– Improve your music bass, especially suitable for EDM
★ Record your voice in high quality:
– Record singing karaoke in high quality.
– Up to CD quality.
– Background recording (even when the screen is off)
– Save/pause/restart/cancel control of the registration process in the application or use notifications
★ Manage your studio, quickly browse audio:
– Attractive voice changer app interface, songs are grouped by album, directory
– Easy to view, edit, delete saved audios.
– Listen to your studio recordings to gauge the progress or not of your songs and edit them like a professional music producer
★ Share your recordings:

– Save unforgettable moments or simply share them with your friends via social networks Facebook, Twitter …
– Set your saved audios as ringtones.
– Do you like to sing and want to share your voice with your friends?
– Send recording to friends by email, bluetooth…

*** Includes the following effects ***
✔ Normal
✔ Karaoke
✔ Music studio
✔ Professional music
✔ Son’s voice
✔ Advanced boy voice
✔ Girl voice
✔ Advanced girl voice
✔ Bass booster
✔ Speed changer
✔ Robot
✔ Caves
✔ Chipmunk
✔ Baby
✔ Rain sounds
✔ Helium
✔ Hexa flour
✔ The sound of a bee
✔ Monster
✔ Fast
✔ Slow
✔ Great outdoors
✔ Satan
✔ Death
✔ Radio
✔ Boss
✔ Medium
✔ Phone call

– RECORD_AUDIO permission to record audio.
– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission to save recording in storage, to read audio files.

You can apply the listed effects multiple times to create many different effects for your sounds.
If you have a feature request or bug report, please contact us at: sharkstudio.imusic@gmail.com.


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