Automatically improves your listening experience by balancing media volume

VolEq dynamically adjusts the sound your phone is playing according to the preset you set.

There are different presets you can choose from:

Podcast: When this preset is chosen, VolEq will drive the different volume levels so that every single person will speak equally loudly. No more volume up, then volume down loop, all of it will be taken care of.

Noisy: When there is background noise, this preset won’t let you hear anything until there is a loud enough volume level that could be in your interest.

Balanced: This is the go to when you just casually want to watch or listen to any non-specific content. It will make the overall difference between loud and quiet smaller.

Then there is also a custom preset dedicated just for you! This you can customize anytime. Let’s say you are watching a video while the Balanced preset is set but it doesn’t quiet fit your needs. You can easily open the overlay, copy the Balanced preset to your Custom profile, then adjust anything you want.
If you think that a preset should be changed, you can also do that by going to the Settings in the app.

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