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Beautiful makeup photo editor with magic makeup and beauty selfie camera

Beautiful makeup, beauty photo editor and selfie camera is the perfect app to give you a complete virtual transformation and take your selfie invasive camera with motion stickers and beauty effects.

Beautiful makeup, beauty photo editor and selfie camera with amazing makeup effects. Whenever, anywhere, make your own candy filter selfie and make-up for your beauty. Using beautiful makeup can get professional and beautiful photos, you can share photos on social networks to get more likes.

Beautiful makeup, beauty photo editor and selfie camera, really good at doing your photo makeup and taking selfies with motion stickers, how powerful is it? Try it out!

Beautiful makeup, a powerful makeup app. Selfie and beauty in beautiful makeup and Motion Sticker and motion video and magic change all!

———- Feature ———-

Smart ID technology helps you fit your makeup precisely and naturally and make your photos more beautiful.

Real time
Real-time beauty effects and filters make you look perfect in every photo, and special motion stickers make your photo more cute and cool.

A faucet for beauty
Throw away the annoying beauty steps, we provide a key to automatically beautify the image function, so that your photos are more beautiful, natural, more realistic.

Hairstyles and colors
Unleash your hair’s hottest hair coloring trends of the moment! And you can adjust your hair style to your liking. In addition, we provide many famous and special colors for your hair. Otherwise, you can easily change the color of the hair style.

Foundation Lip Color Eyebrows Eye Shadow Eye Liner Muharram Sharma and Eyelash Color Color and Contour
Except for the trend of hair and good colors, foundation, lip color, hundreds of eyebrows, personal eye shadow, beautiful eyelashes, embarrassing eye colors, hundreds of eye colors and Cont to shape your image for more beauty.

Eyeglasses, hats, necklaces, earrings
Many fashionable eyewear and hats, necklaces and earrings have been helped for your photos. With these decorations, you look great.

Aggressive camera motion stickers
Dozens of motion stickers, such as Cat Dog and Love Star, etc. Beautiful makeup gives you the experience of real time face switch. Dozens of motion faces are ready, you can customize them. There must be one that catches your choice!

Beautiful makeup, beauty photo editor and selfie camera; magic change and beauty selfie selfie camera app.

Share your photo with pretty photo and beautiful motion stickers for Facebook and Twitter Instagram etc. Enjoy it!


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