Cover art Full Battery Charge Alarm

Full battery charge alarm lets you know when the battery is fully charged, so you can disconnect your phone / tablet.

Stop unnecessary charging, take care of your device, and save energy and electricity.

Watch this video on YouTube.

New optional test function, low battery alert / charging reminder (turn it on in settings first to use the function), it also helps you to charge your device in time! 🔌

Note: If you are using Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi or Meizu, you may need to follow the instructions below to help avoid unwanted app termination / alarm or other issues:
For Huawei:
For OnePlus:
For Xiaomi:
For Meizu:

With configurable alarm options, such as the alarm ringtone, you can customize the alarm just the way you want it.

Designed with simplicity in mind to ensure everyone’s ease of use.

how to use
Open the app, turn on the alarm, change the settings if necessary (ringtone, vibration, etc.), that’s it!

The qualities
⭐️ Helps you disconnect your phone / tablet at the right time.
⭐️ New optional bonus feature (beta): low battery alert / charging reminder (you can enable this and set the percentage in settings).
⭐️ Set a custom ringtone (in app settings) or disable alarm sounds.
⭐️ Use or disable vibration for alarms.
You see Material Design.
⭐️ Simple and easy to use.
⭐️ Fast and light.
⭐️ No bloat / unnecessary features.
⭐️ Clean and simple user interface.
⭐️ FREE!


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